Chaz Ashley

Chaz was a child of the streets, headed for a rough future until the hunter Alys Brangwin took him under her wing. Chaz is a first rate swordsman with a quick temper and a keen eye.



TechniqueTypeTPWhen you get it
ResRecovers a small amount of a party member's Hit Points.3LV 1
TsuAttacks an enemy with light.6LV 4
HinasTeleports the party out of a dungeon.4LV 8
RyukaTeleports the party to a previously visited town.8LV 9
AntiCures a party member of poison.2LV 11
ZanAttacks all enemies with wind.8LV 12
RimpaCures a party member of paralysis.5LV 14
GiresRecovers a medium amount of a party member's Hit Points.5LV 16
GithuAttacks an enemy with light.11LV 17
BroseKills all enemies instantly.16LV 21
GizanAttacks all enemies with wind.12LV 23
ReverRevives a fallen party member.12LV 24
NathuAttacks an enemy with light.15LV 31
NaresRecovers a large amount of a party member's Hit Points.9LV 36
NazanAttacks all enemies with wind.16LV 37


SkillTypeWhen you get it
EarthParalyses an enemy.LV 1
CrosscutAttacks an enemy with a powerful cross cut.LV 6
AirslashAttacks all enemies with Chaz' sword.LV 13
RaybladeAttacks an enemy with a powerful sword slash.LV 27
ExplodeKills an enemy instantly.LV 35

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