Phantasy Star Adventure, English translation

Phantasy Star Adventure, English translation, v0.9
translated by Josh Dammeier

[Okay, here's my first draft.  As you'll see, there are a few rough spots and I 
avoided most of the unnecessary stuff, but there should be more than enough here 
to allow you to play through without any knowledge of Japanese.]

[here's some info about the formatting: the things in []'s are comments from me, 
and contains 
walkthrough-type information.  Also, anywhere you see [name], that stands for 
the name of your character you enter at the beginning.  The titles in <>'s are 
my own little location names, to try to keep things straight.  Stuff that's 
indented denotes actions you have to do.]

[Here's how the menus work.  Normally, you see a menu with 7 options.  The first 
is move.  You can figure out how that works.  The second is look.  This opens up 
a submenu of things you can look at.  The third is speak.  This brings up a 
submenu of people you can talk to.  The fourth is take.  This brings up a 
submenu of items you can take.  The fifth is use.  This brings up a list of the 
items you have, and you can pick which one you want to use.  Then another 
submenu comes up where you pick what you want to use the item on.  The first 
option in that submenu is always 'self'.  The sixth option (on the next page) is 
discard.  There's no reason to ever use this. The seventh option is system.  
This brings up a submenu. The first choice in the submenu is map.  This will 
show you a map of the area you're in, very handy.  The second choice is status. 
This will show you your HP and money.  The third choice is text speed.  I 
suggest you set this all the way to the left, which is 'fast'.  Finally, there 
is the password option, which gives you a long, annoying password you can use to 
save you game.  That's it.]

[Note that I try to help you out by noting the number of the object you should 
be using.  For example, 

Use jail key(5) on door(3)->

means use the jail key, which is the fifth item down on the list, on the door, 
which is the third item on the list.

However, I didn't think of doing this until abot halfway through, so you really 
should pay attention to what the words for the different items look like.  You 
should be able to figure it out.]

[The last thing about menus is that sometimes you get a battle menu, which has 
only four entries.  The first is move.  You'll generally only be able to run 
back the way you came.  The second is look.  The third one is a new command, 
fight.  Here, you choose the item you want to use, and you'll see damage dice 
roll depending on the item you use.  The fourth option is HP, which just shows 
how much HP you've got left.]

[You'll notice that I'm not too consistent in my use of verb tense and 
perspective.  That's because the game isn't either.]

[Finally, I want to say that this is *not* a final draft.  As you can see, 
there's some stuff I wasn't able to get, so if anyone can translate these parts, 
please let me know.  Also, if you find any mistakes either in the English or the 
translation, please let me know.  My email is  Enjoy!]

I am an agent of Paseo on Motavia.  It was December 1268 A.W.   One day, I 
received a letter at base. The sender was Ken Miller.  He was a scientist as 
well as an old friend of mine.  He had immigrated to Dezoris to conduct his 
research years ago.  These were the contents of the letter:

"[name], how are you?  I have succeeded in the discovery of the century. You 
must come and see it."

So, I took a vacation to the Dezorian town of Carsonville, where Dr. Miller 

The Carsonville spaceport, on Dezoris.  There is a female receptionist here.  
There is an exit to the east.

	Talk receptionist-> The next ship for Paseo departs next week.

<East of Spaceport>
The streets of Carsonville.  There is a man standing on the sidewalk.  The road 
continues to the east and north.  There is a spaceport to the west.

	Look man-> He looks like a tourist.

	Talk man-> This is a terrible place.  Dezorians are always lying, and the 
police are corrupt. Order in the streets is the worst.

Outside the center of Carsonville.  To the west is the police station, and there 
is a shop to the east.  There is a man standing on the sidewalk.

	Look man-> He seems to be a local.

	Talk man-> "In Carsonville, there are a couple of strange people.  In this 
area lives Dr. Miller, and a man named Rusero lives alone out in the 

<Further North, outside the Teleport Center>
This is the north end of the street.  There before me is Dr. Miller's house.  
There is also a Teleport Center to the east.

<North, in Miller's house>
The living room of Dr. Miller's house.  In the far wall is a door leading to the 
rear of the house.  There is a beautiful girl here.

	Look girl-> She's probably, what, 17 or 18?  A beautiful girl.  Something 
shiny can be seen on her neckline.  What could it be?

	Talk girl-> "I am Miller's younger sister, Laila.  My brother's in the 
back room.  If there's anything you need, please buy it with this."  Received 30 
mesetas from Laila.

	Look shiny thing-> "Please don't gawk at me!" I seems I made her mad.

<North, Miller's Lab> 
Dr. Miller's laboratory.  The Doctor is here.  To the side lies a large covered 

	Look doctor-> In all the years I've known him, he hasn't changed a bit.  
He's a smart one, never thinking of anything but his inventions. [I'm pretty 
fuzzy on that line, could someone confirm it?]

	Talk doctor-> "Oh, you came!  I'd like to show you the invention right 
away, but the truth is, I'm very thirsty.  Could I trouble you to get me 
something to drink?"

[go south three screens and east to get to the store]
From groceries to weapons, this  strange store seems to sell everything.  There 
is a Dezorian clerk.

	Look clerk-> He stares ahead intently.

	Talk clerk-> "What would you like?" Dezoris soda, 10 mesetas.  Meat, 20 
mesetas.  Laser gun, 95 mesetas.

	[buy the Dezoris soda]

	"Thank you very much." Received Dezoris soda.

	Look Dezoris soda-> Dezoris' famous soda water.

[return to the lab]

<Miller's lab>
Use dezoris soda(1) on doctor(2)-> "Oh, Dezoris soda, is it?  Thanks, that's 
much better.  This soda can stop electricity, you'd do well to remember that.  
Now please take a look at my invention."

The doctor removes the covering, and a strange machine can be seen underneath.

Look machine-> It seems that this thing is the doctor's invention.

"This is it, my great invention, the 'Power Enhancer'.  As its name suggests, it 
doubles a human's abilities.  It is a Power Up machine.  Isn't it amazing?"

[please excuse my calling it the 'Power Up Machine'.  That's what the game calls 
it, though I know it sounds odd.]

[leave house, re-enter]
When I enter the doctor's house, Laila suddenly clings to me. "While you were 
out, man came and 
abducted my brother and the 'Power Enhancer'.  Please, help him!"

Talk Laila-> "The truth is, I think they wanted my brother's invention.  I think 
they were from Baron Laboratory.  I'm afraid they wanted him to hand over the 
machine, but he rufused."

[I'm not too sure about that above passage, but that's the gist of it.]

Talk Laila-> "Please, help my brother."

[go south two screens]
	Talk man-> "Baron Laboratory you say?  People can be taken there from the 
Teleport Center."

[go east, to the store]
[buy the meat, for 20 mesetas]

	Look meat-> hey, isn't this rotten?  If I eat it, my stomach will never be 
the same."

[exit the store to the west, and go south one more screen]

	Talk man-> "Baron Laboratory, isn't that where they're developing weapons?  
If you go through the wilderness to the east, you'll find it in the mountains."

[go east]
<east of the town>
This is a bit outside the town.  The road continues east and west.  To the west, 
Carsonville can be seen.  A sign stands here.

	Look sign-> The sign reads, "The area to the east is dangerous!"

[go east]
<east, along the crevice>

To the east, there is a crevice blocking your path.  In the distance, a cabin is 

[go north]
<Outside the cabin>
In front of a cabin.

	Look cabin-> The cabin seems rundown.  The door is not locked.

[go north]
<inside cabin>
Inside the cabin.  It's a bleak room.  There are doors to the east and south.  
There is a man in the room.

	Look man-> It looks like he lives alone in this cabin.  [one line a can't 
understand].  But somehow, he seems friendly.  Quite a mysterious guy.

	Talk man-> "What, Dr. Miller has been abducted?  If that's the case, we 
don't have any choice.  Baron Laboratory is around here.  Be careful out there.  
By the way, my name is Rusero.  If anything happens, contact me with this."  
Received the communicator from Rusero.

Look phone-> An incredibly small, card-shaped wireless communicator.  If you use 
this, you can contact Rusero anywhere.

[go east]

<East, rocky area>
This is the edge of the wilderness.  To the west is Rusero's cabin.

[go north]
<North, the cat area>
A shadowed road.  A savage Dezoris cat is here.

	Look Dezoris Cat-> A meat-eating mountain cat which inhabits this area.

	Talk Dezoris Cat-> The Dezoris Cat roars back.

	Use meat(1) on Dezoris Cat(2)-> The Dezoris Cat starts to eat the rotten 
meat as if it's delicious. He eats slowly, and you don't worry anymore.

	Look Dezoris Cat-> The cat's still intently eating the meat.  There's no 
need to worry.

	Look Dezoris Cat-> That must be some tough meat.  The cat's still munching 
on it.

[go east]
<east, mountain road>

A mountain road.  ON the mountaintop to the north, an eerie building is visible.

	Look around-> There is an ax here.

	Take ax-> You got the ax.

[now, go back past the cat, and at the rocky place, go east]
The middle of the forest.  A dazzlingly tall tree tower ahead.

	Look tree-> It must be about 50 meters tall.  The trunk is thick and 
leaves grow everywhere.

	Look ax-> A sturdy ax.

[Now, you've gotta use the ax on the tree.  Not that the tree ever did anything 
to you, but we must remember the first axiom of adventure games- "If two items 
can be used together, in any way, DO IT!]

	Use ax(2) on tree(2)-> A branch is cut off the tree.

	Take branch-> Got the branch.

[Now, you'll have to go back to town, and talk to Laila.  She'll say the same 
thing as before and give you 30 more mesetas.  Go to the store and buy another 
Dezorian soda.  Now we're ready to go to the lab.  Go back to the mountain road 
and I'll pick it up there.]

<Mountain road>
[go north]

In front of the building.  But you are blocked by an iron fence.  There's no way 
to enter.

	Look fence(2)-> Due to its height, climbing the fence unassisted is 
impossible.  But if you had a long pole, it looks like you could make it...

[go west]
<west of fence>
The fence ends here, but a high wall blocks the entrance.  An electric control 
box is set in the wall.

	Look electrical box-> [one sentence I can't understand]  If I can cut off 
the power, the current in the fence will probably stop.

	Use Dezoris soda(1) on box(2)-> when the Dezoris soda is put on the box, 
the electricity stopped. The current in the fence has already stopped flowing.

[go back to the east]

	Use branch(2) on fence(2)-> I vaulted over the fence.

<lab entrance>
The front of the building.  The door reads, "Baron Laboratory."  To the south is 
the steel fence.

	Look door-> There is a slot for an ID card. It doesn't look like the door 
can be opened without a 

[go west]
<side of the lab>
This is the side of the lab.  In the top of the wall, there is an air duct.

	Look air duct-> I looks like the lab can be entered through here. However, 
it's too high to reach.

[that's no problem for us.  We can get over anything with our Wonder Branch (tm 

Use branch on air duct-> The branch is placed against the wall of the 
laboratory. It seems possible to enter the air duct.

[go up]

<air duct 1>
The narrow air duct extends straight on ahead.  To the south is the outside.

[go north]
<air duct 2>
The narrow air duct extends straight on ahead.

[go north]
<air duct 3>
The narrow air duct extends straight on ahead.  There is a small hole.

	Look hole-> A small hole, about the size of a fist.  It is dim, and you 
can't see in well.

[go north]
<air duct 4>
Inside the air duct.  There is a large hole here, and you can't see any further, 
although it seems to be possible to go down.

[go down]
<Medicine room>
This seems to be a medicine storeroom.  Medicines are lined up on the shelves.  
There is a door to the east. There is an air duct in the ceiling.

	Look door(2)-> It doesn't seem to be locked.

	Look shelves(3)-> There is a monomate here.

	Take monomate(1)-> Got a monomate.

[go east]

An uninteresting room.  There are doors to the east and west.

	Look west door(2)-> It doesn't seem to be locked.

	Look east door(3)-> There is a slot for an ID card. It doesn't look like 
the door can be opened without a card.

	Take rope-> Got the rope.

	Look rope-> There's a hook on the end.  With this, it should be able to 
attach anywhere.

[now you need to go back out to the side of the lab and get your Wonder Branch 
(TM )]

	Take branch-> Got it.

	Use rope(5) on duct(2)-> The rope catches on the duct.  The duct can now 
be entered any time.

[okay, go up and back to the big hole that leads down to the medicine room]
<air duct 4>

	Use branch(2) on hole(2)-> The branch is placed across the hole.  Now is 
looks possible to get to the other side.

[go north.  Goodbye, sweet, sweet branch. *sniff*]
<air duct 5>
The end of the duct.  There is a big hole here.

[go down]
<experiment room, west>
This seems to be an experiment room.  The Power Up machine is here.  There is a 
duct in the ceiling. The room is fairly spacious, and continues to the east.

	Look machine(3)-> It's the Power Up machine made by the doctor.

[go east]
The center of the experiment room.  There is equipment and machine for 
experiments.  A guard appears!  

[okay, at this point, you get attacked by guards every screen you advance.  
Eventually, you'll get beat down and get this message]
I felt a great shock, and lost consciousness.


Next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor of a dark room.  A man stood before 
me.  "I'm Baron, the director of this laboratory.  You're a foolish one to have 
come here alone.  My bodyguard will teach you a lesson."

A strange man appears from behind the boss.  I was defenseless, and got a 

"This'll teach ya to keep yer mouth shut.  You can't escape, either.  We've 
already gotten rid of the rope and branch you used to get in here."

The director's bodyguard leaves the room.

Use communicator(1)-> Rusero's voice can be hard from the communicator.  "Those 
bastards got you, eh?  All right, I'm coming to help you.  Just stay there and 
don't worry."

From here, the player changes to Rusero!  He goes out to rescue [name].

<inside cabin>

This is Rusero's cabin.  I have to go help [name], who's being held in Baron 

	Look wallet(3)-> There's 90 mesetas.

[head back to town]
<the area east of the spaceport>

	Talk man-> "Some guy went to Baron Laboratory, I wonder who it was?"

<north, town center>

Talk man-> "Aren't you Rusero?  We don't like your kind around these parts."

[go west to the police station]
<police station, 1st floor>
The Carsonville police station.  There are stairs leading to the second floor.  
There is a Dezorian policeman.

	Look policeman(2)-> Strangely, he stares straight ahead, unwaveringly.

[go up]
<police station, 2nd floor>
The second floor of the police station.  There's a surly-looking police chief 
here.  There's a staircase leading down.

	Talk chief-> "If you brought 90 mesetas, I'll give ya something good."

[What a coincidence.  Rusero brought *exactly* 90 mesetas.]

	Use wallet(2) on chief(2)-> "Here's a Baron Laboratory employee badge.  
You should be able to use it to get in."  Got a badge from the chief.

	Use badge(2) on self(1)-> Rusero pins the badge on himself.

[go to the Teleport Center]
Inside the Teleport Center.  There is a female receptionist here.  There is a 
Teleport door to the north.

Talk receptionist-> "Ah, you're from Baron Laboratory.  Please take this card.  
Use it to open the Teleport door."  Received the ID card.

	Use ID card(1) on Teleport door(3)-> The door opens.

[go north]

<Baron Teleport room>
The Teleport room inside Baron Laboratory.  There is a Teleport Door in the 
room.  There is a door to the east.

	Use ID card(1) on door(3)-> The door opens.

[go east]
<hall> The hall runs north and south.  There is a door to the west.

[go south]
<southern end of hall>
The hall extends north and west.

[go west]
This seems to be the entrance to the lab.  There is a big door to the south.  
The hall runs east and west, and there are stairs leading to the second floor.

[go up]
<second foor hallway>
The second floor hallway.  The hall goes north.  Behind are stairs leading back 

[go north]
Before you reach the end of the hall, a frightening man appears.  The director's 

	Talk bodyguard-> "Hmmm... since you've got a badge on, you must be an 
employee.  The boss is in that room."

<end of hall>
	Use ID card(1) on door(2)-> The door opens.

[go north]
<director's room>
The director's room.  Director Baron is sitting behind the big desk.

Look Director(3)-> He's the director of the lab, Baron.  He's looking this way 
and smiling.

	Talk Director-> "We're studying how to operate the machine we stole from 
Dr. Miller.  Soon, we'll discover its secrets."  Because of the badge, the 
director doesn't seem to be able to tell Rusero from the lab staff...

[now go back to the hallway and go north until you get to two doors]
<north end of hallway>

	Use ID card(1) on west door(3)-> The door opened.

[this is back where we got the rope.  Go up into the air duct (someone took away 
our branch <:{ ) and go to the place with the little hole.]
<air duct 3>
	Look hole(2)-> A small hole about the size of a fist.  [Name] can be seen 
through the hole. He's being held in the room below!  I've got to help him, 

	Use ID card(1) on hole(2)-> Rusero dropped the card in the hole.  The card 

From here, the player controls [name] again!  Please get out of this room and 
rescue the doctor!

I waited int he dim room for Rusero's rescue.  And eventually, something fell 
from the duct.  An ID card! Then Rusero's voice could be heard.  "[name], use 
this card to escape that room."

	Take card-> got ID card.

	Use ID card(2) on door(2)-> the door opens.

[go south]
The hallway ends here.  There are doors to the north and west.

[go west]
<weapon room>
This seems to be a storeroom.  Various things are strewn around o the shelves.  
There's a door to the east.

	Take everything-> You got an ax. You got a sonic gun.  You got a mojic 

[go east out of the room, then south]

There is a door to the west.  A robot guard is standing here.
Fight sonic gun(3)-> The sonic gun fires, and he robot no longer functions.

[You'll keep running into these guys.  Just use the sonic gun on 'em and cruise 
on by.]

Use ID card(4) on door(3)-> the door opens.

[go west]
A room divided by iron bars.  On the other side of the bard is Dr. Miller.  I'd 
like to get him out, but...

	Look doctor(4)-> He look pretty haggard.

	Talk doctor-> "The director has the key for this place.  And his guards 
are pretty harsh.  Ahh, but if you use the 'Power Enhancer' I made, you should 
be able to defeat them.  The machine will activate if you set an item called the 
Golden Stone in it.  The Golden Stone is hidden on Laila's body.  The truth is, 
Laila is android I made."

[Ooh, plot twist.  Wonder what he created her for...]

[Now go back to the teleport room, and head to Laila's house]
<Miller's house>

	Use sonic gun(3) on Laila(2)-> Sorry, Laila!  You'll have to sleep for a 
while.  The sonic gun fires, and Laila stops moving.

	Look shiny thing-> this is undoubtedly the Golden Stone.  I took the 
Golden Stone from Laila's neck.

[now go back to the room with the power up machine.  You can get there by going 
to the north end of the hall, and going north into the experiment room.]
<experiment room, west end>
	Use stone(2) on machine(3)-> The golden stone is set in the machine, and 
my body in bathed in a dazzling light!  I'm Power-Upped!


[Now, go back to the hall, and up the stairs to where Rusero me the bodyguard.  
This time you will have the fight options.  He's got a one die advantage, but 
you can take him out.when you defeat him, you get this: ]
The bodyguard falls to the ground with a scream.

Use ID card on door-> the door opened.

<Director's room>
[same description as before]

	Talk director-> "So, you're already here, but you won't defeat me!"  The 
director's figure suddenly disappeared.

	Look desk(3)-> There's a hole on the other side of the desk.  The director 
escaped that way!

[go down]
<experiment room, west end>
The hole in the Director's room led down to the experiment room.  The director 
is standing in front of the machine.  "You want the key to free Dr. Miller?  
Fine, you can have it.  The machine's working now, so I have no more need for 
Dr. Miller."  The director tosses the key this way.

	Take key-> Got the key.

As I took the key, I heard the director's voice.  "You may have that, but you 
can't help Dr. Miller. You'll die here, after all."

In the next moment, the director's body was enveloped in a dazzling light. He 
had activated the machine. 

What's going on?  Is that disgusting creature the director?  Did the machine 
spawn this?  The monster starts to thrash around violently.  It seems to be 
without human reasoning. It's probably a good idea for me to split.

[head back to the prison.]
	Use jail key(5) on door(3)-> The bars open, and the doctor comes out from 
the cell.  "Thank you for rescuing me."

Just in time!  The building shakes violently, and the walls fall from above.  I 
was hit hard in the head, and lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I was in Rusero's cabin.  "You're awake!  That place was 
dangerous.  That monster 
devastated Baron Laboratory.  The doctor is safe.  But the monster will be here 
soon.  Use this, and defeat him!"  I received a missile pad from Rusero.

	Look missile-> A most devastating weapon.  With this, I might even be able 
to defeat the 

[go outside]
The monster quickly draw near to the cabin.  If I can just stop him...

[now you've gotta fight the monster.  Keep using the missile pad on him.  Don't 
worry if you get killed, you'll just wake up in Rusero's cabin, and this will 
happen: ]
When I awoke, I was in Rusero's cabin.  "If you get in trouble, use this."  I 
got a monomate from Rusero.

[so go out again and kill him.  Try not to bust a vein in your neck due to the 
excitement.  When you kill him, you'll get this: ]

The monster collapses and falls to the earth.  At last, victory!

Finally, I made to return to Paseo.  The doctor, Laila, and Rusero came to the 
spaceport to see me off.

[It says something about Laila looking at you here, I can't quite translate it.]

	Look Rusero(2)-> Rusero is looking this way and smiling.

	Look doctor(3)-> He has a relieved look on his face.

	Look Laila(4)-> [that same thing I can't understand above]

	Talk Rusero(1)-> "Well done.  After this, I'll be taking a long rest."

	Talk doctor(2)-> "That machine didn't just increase the power of the 
person that used it, but also brought out what was in their heart.  When the 
director turned into a repulsive monster, he uncovered what truly lay in his 

	Talk Laila(3)-> "Thank you so much for helping my brother.  I'll never 
forget you."

	Talk Rusero(1)-> Hey by the way, this was found at the lab after it was 
destroyed.  Take care of it."  Rusero threw something small and shiny this way, 
and smiled.  "Bye..."

So that was Dezoris.  As the spaceship I rode in made for Paseo, my mind 
wandered.  In the palm of my hand, was the paring gift Rusero had tossed me.  
The Golden Stone shone faintly.  The terrible monster had been spawned by the 
machine activated by this, which had once shined beautifully in Laila's neck.  I 
wondered why Rusero gave me the stone rather than returning it to Laila?  
Perhaps he had given me a mission.  [one sentence I can't make out- I know, it's 
a crappy one to miss.]  I closed my hand over the stone.


[now comes the closing song accompanied by full motion video.  No wait... it 
doesn't even flash the credits!  I mean, sure this game wasn't too great or 
anything, but you'd think the creators would at least want to take credit for 
it.  Then again, maybe not...]

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