Phantasy Star Gaiden Characters


Minima is the heroine of this game. She's an orphan who was raised by the mayor of Tedo. One day she finds the Light Pendant, which destines her to save Alisaland along with Alec.

She has average stats, with her defense being a bit better and her amount of MP a bit higher than the other characters'.


Alec is the hero of this game, and Minima's best friend. His father gets kidnapped by dangerous thieves before the game starts. He is destined to save Alisaland together with Minima as her champion.

Having higher attack strength, many more HP and lower intelligence and agility than other characters, he's the tank of this game. However, he can use magic and has an average amount of MP.


Doromu is a dwarf who also happens to be Rob's brother. He lives in the Mayoi Forest, where you'll have to find him as he is lost in it. You'll need him to close the river's sluice so you can cross the river.

His attack strength is subpar, so don't bother equipping him with any weapon. His defense isn't that great either. However, he has an amount of MP that's above average, and comes with a set of useful magic spells, Bind being one of them.


Dalos is a robot that serves Alisa. His task is finding Minima, but he got possessed by dark power on the way as Daedelus. He will join you for a little while after you defeat him, which gets him back to his robotic senses.

There isn't much to say about him, other than having weak equipment and not being able to use magic, as he only stays a little while in your party.


Alisa is the heroine of the first Phantasy Star, and the one who founded Alisaland. She has frozen herself in cryostasis for many years, but not before giving birth to her clone, Minima. You will find her coffin in a dark cave and free her, after which she joins your party.

Her attack strength is a bit lower than the others', but she makes up for it with good intelligence and agility. All her other stats are average. One last thing to note is that she comes with the magic spell Wind, which unfortunately isn't of much use by the time you find her.

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