Phantasy Star Gaiden NPCs


This is Taylor, a companion of Alec's dad, who was attacked by thieves before the game begins. This prompts Minima and Alec to start their adventure.

Mayor of Tedo He is the mayor of Tedo, and the one who raised Minima. He'll give you your first equipment after consulting with him.

Alec's mom

She's Alec's mom. You can rest at her place for free.

Rob Rob is Alisaland's most accomplished scholar. You have to visit him before leaving town. He'll tell you to get the Book of Truth from the northwestern cave.


You'll find this fortuneteller in the Gypsy village. Not only does she give you your fortune, she'll also give you vital information that you'll need later in your quest.

Popo Popo is an old archeologist that you'll find in the southern half of the northwestern cave. He'll attack you near the entrance. If you manage to defeat him, he'll give you a world map.


Panin guards the guards the ruins you can find to the east of Karukatto. Give him some Hyoutan Aid to get past him.


This is Alec's father, Mogu. He has been taken captive by the thieves while on his mining job.

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