Phantasy Star Gaiden Walkthrough


Before I come to the point, I want to talk about some differences between the gameplay of the original Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star Gaiden.

Due to the fact that Phantasy Star Gaiden was programmed for a handheld console it's a bit short. If you know what to do you normally can meet the main enemy within one day's play. That may be a bit disappointing, but on the other hand it's understandable.

There is one thing that both games have in common. Like in nearly all RPGs you gain experience points and money by beating your enemies to dust. Unlike in Phantasy Star you don't have to open chests. This helps not being hit by arrows or being bombed to pieces.

The amount of experience points you gain depends on the level a character has. Minima and Alec start at the same level, so you will see this effect after Doromu, the dwarf, joins your party. There is a maximum of three people within your group. If you meet other members, one of the original party will leave. You will have no control over who shall be left behind.

The number of battles you will encounter is (that's my opinion) much too high. But luckily you can retreat from nearly every battle.

Your characters will not learn magic spells like in Phantasy Star, even on higher levels, but you can buy them in the Magic Shops located in the towns and villages. You can sell them, too, which is a bit curious. So the spells are independent from the characters unlike you are used to in all other Phantasy Star games.

Even weapons and armor can be equipped by every party member. I noticed that the only reason why a certain weapon or armor can't be equipped is that the character's level seems to be too low. So in this case level up the character until the item can be equipped.

The puzzles of the game are straightforward. Even if your knowledge of the Japanese language is poor (like mine, of course) you will not have many problems beating the game.

This brings me to the last point before the walkthrough finally starts. You will have no guarantee that everything is translated or interpreted correctly in the walkthrough. I started learning Japanese in September '98 (1 1/2 hour every week), and still now I have to look for certain Hiragana or Katakana letters. Without the usage of a dictionary this walkthrough would never have become a reality. And dictionaries usually have no RPG-specific vocabulary, sorry. On the other hand, I am from Germany, and left school more than 20 years ago now. So don't call me stupid if something in the walkthrough is totally wrong. You better should have a good laugh about the errors I made, and to tell the truth, who cares if you now can play a game which is totally written in Japanese!

Enough smalltalk, let the walkthrough begin.

Part 1

The adventure of Minima and Alec starts in the village of Tedo. A guy named Taylor was attacked in the once peaceful world on a planet which was discovered under the reign of Alisa, the Queen of the Algol star system.

RobMinina and Alec want to find out what has happened. They both get their first but weak equipment in the house of the village mayor. Don't forget to equip the weapons and armor. Before leaving the village visit Robu's house in the northeast corner of Tedo. Now you can take your first sightseeing tour around the village. Stay nearby until Minima and Alec are stronger for longer journeys. If the HP values of your characters get low, visit the house of Alec's mom. Here you can stay for free to stock up HP and MP to their maximum.

FortunetellerTo the southeast of Tedo lies Gypsy Village. You should visit the tent of the fortuneteller. Allthough the information you gain seem to be useless for now, it may come in handy later.

Part 2

The next town you reach south of the bridge is Mechatron. Here you can buy better equipment. If you like, you can try to explore your first cave. It lies in the northwest corner. Use the northern entrance and get a feeling for those creepy locations.

Light PendantUse Searchlights or, far better, the Light Pendant. The light lasts longer, can be used as often as needed, and is for free. The Searchlight costs money and can be used only once!

In the chest inside the cave you will find the Book of Truth. Show the book to Robu in Tedo.

Popo spriteYou will see a locked door in the cave, too. So there must be something behind it. After continous levelling up and equipped with better armor (can be bought in Taini, the village south of the southern entrance of the cave to the northwest, what a stupid description for this location) you can try to explore the rest of the cave. The entrance is blocked by this guy.

PopoI think it is the archeologist Poppo or one of his followers, but I am not sure about this. Be it as it be, you gain a world map from Poppo after he is beaten. In the chest a key for the door inside the cave can be found. But it is useless now.

Part 3

Hyoutan AidFar south from the cave the port town Karakatto can be visited. Buy the Hyoutan Aid here which is needed to 'convince' the guy Panin to let you enter the Peninsula ruins east of Karukatto.

Sand MasterSearch the ruins for a vehicle named Sand Master. Now you can cross the desert to explore a huge terrain which could not be reached before.

The first town you will see is Purimu. On the other side of the river you will see another town. But due to the fact that neither Minima nor Alec can swim there is no way of crossing the river. You have to try something completely different (remember Monty Python??). In Purimu you are told about the Mayoi forest, which is located south of the town. If you try to enter the forest for the first time you are 'warped' directly to the house in the center of the woods. There are three major things for you to do now.

Meet DoromuFirst you must find a dwarf in the southwest corner of the forest, next return to the house with the dwarf, whose name is Doromu, and finally find your way out! It is important to enter the house again because a so called 'Watergate Key' (sorry, Mr. Nixon) is stored here.

Part 4

DoromuWith Doromu in your party you can now try to reach the cave in the east near the river. Use the key after being warped out and you finally can use a handle inside the cave.

Remember what the old fortuneteller lady in the Gypsy village told you? Turn the handle three times right and two times left. Now the water in the river stops flowing. You can finally cross over to view the rest of the map. Four more caves can be explored now.

Daedelus beatenOne of the caves is blocked by a Police Robot. After he is history you can search the cave for goodies and have to beat Daidalos.

MoguHere is one of the parts of the story I can not explain. Is the guy Daidalos the same as Mogu who takes part in the following conversation? Or is Mogu the same as Dalos, who will accompany your party after the fight? Or is he both of them, or even none? Don't ask me, I really don't know.

Part 5

DalosNonetheless, Doromu leaves the party and Dalos joins. Now you can enter the cave in the southwest. At its end you may have seen a sort of machine if you visited the cave before.

Meet AlisaApproach the machine and this time the scene changes. You finally found Alisa. You haven't even become familiar with Dalos and now he leaves the party and Alis will be the next member of the crew.

After leaving the cave, don't be too surprised; Alisa has a driving license and a cute pink car. Traveling could be much faster if those stupid monsters wouldn't wait after nearly every move. To avoid them for some quiet minutes drive over water. Yes, the car changes automatically to a boat when touching the wet parts of the map. Now you can explore the rest of the caves for some goodies like Laconian Shield, Laconian Armor, and Laconian Sword. Equip Alisa with the armor and cross the lake to find an island with a castle on it. Climb the top and face Kaburon, the main enemy of the game.

CablonI did not manage to kill him by now. Maybe, if you managed to do so, let me know. I'll try to beat him, but if you are quicker than me, keep me informed!!

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