Phantasy Star Online Story

Episode I

Faced with the imminent destruction of their home world, a large-scale evacuation plan known as the Pioneer Project was established to find a new home planet. Unmanned probes sent into deep space discovered a habitable planet they dubbed Ragol and the first interstellar transport ship Pioneer 1 was sent to establish a colony. After confirming Ragol was suitable, the initial colonists began preparing the planet starting with construction of the central dome.

7 years later...

Pioneer 2 completed its long voyage with the main wave of refugees aboard but just as they entered orbit and opened a communications link with the Central Dome, an enormous explosion occurred. All contact with the men and women of Pioneer 1 was lost.

The explosion on Ragol. A view of the city on Pioneer 2.

Exactly what happened on Ragol?

Episode II

It's been many months since the mysterious explosion on the surface of Ragol. Monsters are mysteriously reviving themselves even after being struck down by the Hunters. This has caused much distress with the citizens of Pioneer 2.

An open communication is suddenly received from Central Dome. This signal was traced to a certain island known as Gal Da Val from across the seas.

The most surprising factor is this signal is transmitted by one of the most important members from Pioneer 1.

A survivor at last!

The Pioneer 2 government once again contracts the Hunters' Guild into investigating this strange incident with the highest priority & urgency. Many Hunters are now being rushed to the lab to undergo a test before taking on this important task...

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