Backup, Jewel Fountain

Welcome. Chief Red is waiting for you. Please report to him.
Thank you, [NAME]. We've lost one of our greatest hopes... but it can't be helped. If her "memory" doesn't come back... we'll have to find another method. ...... ...... What? [NAME]... Sorry for the short notice, but I have rush orders. You sent out Peko on an investigative mission earlier... but I got word that he was attacked and is currently in trouble. I guess... someone must've used food to lure him in... He may not look it, but he's a great authority when it comes to food. I heard he was pretty popular back on Pioneer 2, but... ...Well, anyway, It's Peko versus two enemies out there. He's at a disadvantage. Get some support out there and help him immediately. Good luck.
...... The quest Backup has been added.
It's Peko versus two enemies out there. He's at a disadvantage. Get some support out there and help him immediately. Good luck.
Vice Chief
[NAME]! Don't waste any time. You need to hurry to the battle! Peko's going to get destroyed out there! ...Ah, right. I didn't give you your mission details. Peko is at Lupus Silva. He's fighting against two enemies at once. Hurry to Lupus Silva and give him some backup. I hope Peko's all right...
Memory... huh. ...... I guess I should tell you... ...about my past. Heh. You look like you want to help me out or something... ...Well, listen up. I used to work together with this girl... her name's Sil'fer. And... well, she's supposed to hold a certain piece of information that's absolutely vital to the Arkz... But... Her memory's gone, and that information is gone with it.
If her memory doesn't come back, then she's just another enemy. All I can do is try not to hurt too much during the battle. ...You and Red are the only people who know about this. I've already told Red about her "memory." ...This is a personal problem, all right? Don't talk about this to anybody else. You got it?
I'll talk more about my past later. Bit by bit, you understand? It doesn't really matter how much I tell you, anyway. Just keep one thing in mind. The fact I'm telling you about this means that I trust you. That's why I'm trusting you with my secrets. My personal problems, in other words. Don't talk about any of this to other people. It's all a secret between you and me. If you talk, I'll make you pay for it.
Sometimes Break holds me in his arms and starts thinking about something. I don't really know why he does it... but it makes me feel so excited and nervous.
When he does it... I'm hit with the weirdest feeling. It's like I'm not even myself anymore, and Break looks twice as cute as he did before... Yaahh! How embarassing. ...... Oh, oh my. I'm getting so excited!
This is no good. Yep! Not good at all! I'm so excited... Huh? What do I do when I'm excited? ...Well, I go to Lupus Silva, or somewhere else to be with nature. Once I do, I gradually start to simmer down. Weird, isn't it? Well, I'm off to Lupus Silva! Oh, if you have any orders, I'll take them, so tell me, okay?
You're getting better at making snap decisions, it looks like. You're a quick learner, too. For a guy like you, I guess that's not half bad. Maybe you can become a third-class beginner-commander someday. I'm a military woman, so what I say always comes true. But! Don't get cocky! Got that? I hate cocky people and I hate liars! [press A] Ahem! ...Well, in any case, you did okay in our on-field training earlier. Here, take this. It's your merit badge, sort of. Take good care of it.
...... Picked up Bonus Card "Pal Shark"!
So you're good at offense. Anyone can manage that. Even a monkey will attack if he's facing off with an enemy he can beat. But what about defense? You aren't just sitting there waiting for the enemy to attack, are you? ...Hmph. In that case, allow me to lecture you on "Resist Colors." Look a the cards you have on you. You notice how there's a colored bar on the top of each one? That's called the Resist Color. These bars show which defense cards you can use against which offensive cards. ...Are you following me so far? For example, if you're attacked by a Saber with a red Resist Color, then you can only counter with a defense card of red Resist Color. Got it? Some cards have multiple Resist Colors, like red and yellow. Remember that.
That wraps up this lecture. Hopefully you understand Resist Colors now. Basically, all it means is this: Depending on the card your opponent uses, you may or may not able to use a defense card when attacked. Once you've got that in your head, go see how it works on the battlefield. ...Huh?! ...... Hmph... Being thanked like that doesn't make me feel very comfortable. I just don't want to be led by an utterly witless Commander. Phfft! Quit grinning and get out into battle!
Commander? I guess Ohgun is calling me a "doctor" now. ...... He's right... before I came here, I wandered around Ragol with him. I did treat some humanoids along the way. But... My memories from before then are so hazy. I don't even remember the day I met him.
Commander... "OPSS".... Have you ever heard of that incident before? Right. The humanoid massacre that took place seven years ago. All my friends... they were called androids back then... were grouped together, blown up, and thrown into space. Thousands of androids were destroyed and turned into space dust. And it's right at that point, seven years ago... that my memory starts to get all fragmented. ......
I've been hearing this rumor lately. I just can't get it out of my mind, for some reason. There's an android repair specialist... over in Lupus Silva... I don't know why, but my memory banks respond to those words. ...... You don't think... that I'm forgetting something... something really important, do you? ...... It's been making me really anxious lately. ......
[NAME]! Wait a minute! I need to ask you something. You're the only one I can ask for this. I've been thinking about going out and searching a certain area. It could help us out with card research, I think. Besides, it's nothing big. Just a little look-around. I'll give you a present, too. Okay? Hee-ho-ho. The place is Mortis Fons. Thanks!
...... The quest Jewel Fountain has been added.
Well, basically, I got some top-secret info from my network of informants, but it's so top-secret that I'm having trouble getting it confirmed. You wanna hear it? Well, there's a "gem" in the depths of Mortis that generates lots of energy. Don't you want to check it out? You do, don't you? It's a gem, too! Isn't that exciting? I think it's wonderfully romantic. I'm about to swoon!
Huh? Peko's in trouble? Hee hee. He's fine, he's fine. Let me guess. Somebody lured him in with cake or some sweets, right? He eats so much that he's got tons of endurance, even though he's a Force. We can leave him be for a while. He's not gonna die right off, at least.
Backup Dispatch from Red
Peko headed to Lupus Silva to investigate, but was lured into a trap with food. Hurry over there and rescue him!
Pre-battle lines:
  1. Peko: I'm so hungry and can't move. Oooogh...
  2. Viviana: Let's fight! There's no way we can call for more help now!
  3. Teifu: M-m-my lady! It's no shame if we make a retreat...
Post-mission message:
Glad to see that Peko made it back safely. I'll be sure to reprimand him such that he doesn't let himself be tricked like this again. Thanks. Chief Red
Jewel Fountain From: Creinu
My network of secret informants tells me there's a gem in the depths of Mortis Fons that radiates lots of energy. I've decided to go see for myself; I trust there won't be any objections...
Pre-battle line:
Glustar: Bingo! She showed up, lured by jewelry. It's so easy!
Low HP line:
Glustar: Ow, the gems I found were robbed...
Post-mission message:
I found it! Precious jewels are just like me; you never get tired of staring at them, you know? It's such a crime to be this beautiful... Huh? Radiating energy? What are you talking about? I don't know of any gems like that. Try using your head once in a while... Creinu

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