Sighting 2, Repair Work 1, Monument Watch

Guard near entrance
Welcome home, [NAME]. You must have fought a pretty intense battle. We're all glad to see you're still safe. The Chief called for you, so please give him your full report.
Nice work, [NAME]. We got in another mission from the government, okay? You shouldn't have much of a problem with this one. L'll let Karen fill you in on the details, okay? Gah hah hah! My stock's finally starting to rise! This is great! Everything's going according to my desire!
...... The quest Sighting 2 has been added. ...... The quest Repair Work 1 has been added. ...... The quest Monument Watch has been added.
L'll let Karen fill you in on the details, okay? Gah hah hah! My stock's finally starting to rise! This is great!
Hello, [NAME]. Here are your mission details. We've received reports of a suspicious figure near Tener Sinus, and the government has sent us a request to investigate. As before, the Arkz may be planning to destroy something. Please take due care in your investigations. ...Oh, right... I may not have mentioned this before, but in addition to using cards to carry out official missions, we've also been asked to search for a certain type of "material." We've already gathered up all the info we have on this stuff, and we'll report it to the government shortly. The Chief will be happy. This is a top-secret issue, so make sure it stays that way.
We've already gathered up all the info we have on this "material," and we'll report it to the government shortly. The Chief will be happy. This is a top-secret issue, so make sure it stays that way.
...Oh... [NAME]. There's this dream... I'm always having it... I'm floating in some kind of liquid, and there's this shining section ID or something in front of me... I try to reach out and take it, but I can't reach far enough... And the, right at the end, this stake always plunges into my chest... I always wake up after that, out of breath... I feel like it's a premonition or something, but what do you think?
I managed to remember one thing earlier. My sister was working as a bounty hunter, but the night she disappeared, she told me "I might get caught up in something extremely dangerous." It's highly likely it was him who took my sister away... ...Was it really him, though? I'm pretty sure it was. ...... Him? Oh... I mean Break, from the Arkz.
If the Arkz appear... or if he appears... ...then please let me know about it. I want you to send me out there to deal with them. This is something I need to confirm with him...
Hey, Commander! Deploy me someplace together with Kranz next time! He told me he'd protect me. He said he's stronger than he looks. I want to have him protect me! Help me out here!!
You wanna hear a little secret? Yes. A seeeee-cret. I'm good friends with Sil'fer. We sometimes share clothes, accessories, or other stuff... Oh, anyway, I noticed that Sil'fer would often put her hand over her heart for no apparent reason. It made me wonder why... ... She does that a lot when she seems to be thinking hard... I don't know exactly why but I found out that something's there. I can't tell you though! It's a secret. Yep. A secret. Sil'fer made me keep it a secret. I just remembered. So, it's a secret. Teehee-hee!
Gosh! There's so many secrets! So much to keep quiet! Anyway, I'm not gonna spill any secrets out to anybody! You better forget it! Heheheh! Well, anyway, on to the next mission!
Hello, Commander. I still haven't quite mastered these cards yet. I don't think I'm using them right, or something. Do you have any simple missions on hand right now? Something that'll let me train with these things a little... If you have an escort mission or something, then that'll give me a chance to train a bit. That'd be helpful. If you get anything like that, could you deploy me for the job? It'd be nice if you could set up my equipment beforehand, too. Thanks. I appreciate it.
I wasn't stationed with the Hunters before this or anything. I used to do exploration work. On a freelance basis, you see. Compared to how it was when I was younger... ...there aren't as many wild creatures on Ragol. And now, there are a lot more freelance explorers than there were before. You see? Anyway, that was what I did. Heh. I was really just a student of the profession, though.
I learned most of my battle skills from battle experience, and from this one person who taught me all sorts of things. I didn't get to stay with him for very long, but I learned a lot from that man.
Hey! [NAME]! Listen! You won't believe this! This is terrible! Why is Memoru with the Arkz?! Man! I haven't had an argument like that in years! What is with her, anyway?! ...What? Do I know her? Hah! I would never associate with someone who ran away from the H.T.C! [press A] Huh? There's a card stuck to me... Who's this belong to? What? You think it's Memoru's? Eeek! I don't want it! I wasn't carrying it on purpose, you know! No, really! I don't need this stupid thing! Here, take it! Spoils to the victor! You're the commander! It's yours! Come on!
...... Picked up Bonus Card "Alive Aqhu"!
That bratty girl... Memoru hasn't changed one bit. We were childhood friends. We did everything together. Cried together, played together, ate together... I really liked being with Memoru. We both joined the H.T.C. so we could be Hunters together. But after a little while... Memoru left the H.T.C. She left me behind... I wonder if she still has this pendant... ...the one that Master Saligun gave her.
...Well, who cares about that now? !!! Hey! Why are you listening? I was talking to myself! How rude! Teifu! Teifu! Ooooh, where did he run off to? I hate this! I hate everything!
Mission man
Oh. It's you. Sorry. I got nothing in today. I'll have something for you next time, so cut me a break, all right?
Sighting 2 From: Government
This time, we've received reports that a suspicious figure has been spotted in Tener Sinus. Considering the events in Via Tubus last time, we'd like you to proceed to the scene and look into this ASAP.
Pre-battle line:
Rufina: I'm glad I came as an escort...which is too bad for you!
Post-mission message:
It would appear the the Arkz was trying to plant some sort of device in Tener Sinus for unknown reasons. We believe we can extract some clues from the information you discovered. Good work. Security Division
Repair Work 1 From: Government
Restoration work on the aging Tower of Caelum has begun. We must consider the possibility of Arkz interference in this project, so we'd like you to head to the site and ensure that work proceeds smoothly.
Pre-battle line:
Endu: Hey... They're quite smart to lie in wait for us.
Post-mission message:
We appreciate your hard work. Thanks to you, we can safely continue the project. We'll be sure to call on you again when we need your services in the future. Development Division
Monument Watch From: Government
Apparently, some suspicious figures have been spotted near the Central Dome Monument. It'd be terrible if something were to happen to the monument, so we'd like you to go stand guard over it.
Pre-mission message:
It's a simple task, but we don't want you to go alone. We've already sent one member, Kranz, on ahead. Please work together with him to guard the area. Development Division
Pre-battle lines:
  1. Kranz: Arkz! You showed up as expected!!
  2. Peko: Pfft! How can he even say such a thing?
  3. Creinu: You're too conspicuous, Peko!
Post-mission message:
Good job. So it really was the Arkz. ...Just as we thought. Thanks to you, no significant damage was done. Thank you for your assistance. Development Division

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