PS Hip-hop MP3 lyrics

..check...check...check check...yo.

I go by the name Chaz livin' in algo
now this is place where deep down we all go
the one day all my adventure started at
then I was sixteen yeah I wasn't more than that

It was like I just completed my trainin' for a hunter
Alis whom I was hanging with then was my partner
my actions was because of pain in the city of
Motavia. . . and so I was to be the savior

I didn't knew what was comin to me
to combat enemies like flies I need a strategy
hard to see. refuse to lose I never quit
But some of those days I wish i got rid of it

so there I was going through dungeouns and woods
valleys and towns where I could shop my goods
My lifeline was like mine, could decline
the quest had started and I held the time

I never knew what is was like
in algo
It feels like hell when evil strikes
had to improve these bitter times
in algo
and had to bring these people light

yo when I looked out the skies then I saw Zio's fort
Zio the black magician held force of evil sort
We started fightin with one major darkness
some guy back then told I need to spark this

and I did. He considered me weak took my bid
with my friend that died and I reacted
I acted from my heart; slaughtered the bastard
I took his skull cracked and now he's no hazard

'cause I never knew what it was like
in the last fight. hold tight, aaight?
the profound darkness, the name had relevance
killin' men easily with help from elements

Besides, my partner died so I was alone
I may have to sacrifice skin and bone
All of my weapons seemed weaker than usual
but I killed it killed it killed it beatyful


outro until fade

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