For One Last Embrace by carlsojos

Chapter 4

Saya takes the kettle from her stove and pours tea into three cups, which she then carries to the table where Hahn and Rika are sitting. How are you feeling today?

Rika barely looks up to answer, I'm sorry for being such a bother....

It's okay. I know what you're going through, and I understand that you need a friend. Do you want to talk about it?

...I can't believe he's gone....

Apart from the almost constant caring for her newborn, Rika has spent nearly two weeks sleeping and crying, which hasn't subsided after Chaz was buried. While Hahn would've preferred being able to enjoy summer break alone with his wife, the two happily offered the widow their bed and slept in Saya's classroom, instead. Hahn puts his hand on Rika's shoulder, Chaz is probably waiting for you in Elsydeon now, but you have people who care for you and need you here, now.

The room grows uncomfortably quiet for several minutes. Eventually, Rika suddenly perks up. ...Elsydeon! I need to look at Elsydeon. The Numan hands her sleeping child to Saya, and makes the short walk to the inn, where the guild doctor was just checking out.

Excuse me, doctor.

He glances up from his money pouch as he pays the innkeeper, Ah, the widow. Is there anything I can do for you?

Rika shudders a bit at being called a widow, but she does her best to shrug off the comment. About Chaz's personal belongings... What happened to his sword?

The doctor scratches the back of his head. I'm afraid that he didn't have a weapon on him when my team reached him. Could you describe the sword? Rika does her best to describe the legendary weapon without mentioning the souls contained within. There weren't any weapons like that anywhere in the area. Unless he left it at home, it was probably taken by the bandits.

Rika begins to walk away, but then thinks of something else. Is there any way I can find the rogues that killed my husband?

The doctor shakes his head. Only hunters who accept the job to eradicate the group can get information on suspected hideouts. I don't want to lead such a young mother into the lion's den, understand?

The physician walks outside, and Rika finds herself feeling truly alone for the first time in a long while.

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