For One Last Embrace by carlsojos


C'mon, mom, hurry up! Young Rui comes dashing out of the schoolhouse where Hahn and Saya live, and quickly reaches the spot where his mother always seems to stand whenever they are in Krup.

Give me a minute, please. Rika continues to stare at the grave in front of her.

But Mom... you said we had to hurry to catch up to those monsters! He grabs Rika's arm and tries pulling her away, but she simply plants her feet to make the effort in vain.

I'm just trying to visit someone, I won't be much longer.

Rui looks at the grave and traces a finger over the letters... C... H... A... Z.... Mom? Why do you always have to visit so many dead people- aren't they dead?

Rika could feel her heart drop at the blunt statement. Sure, she knows her son wasn't trying to offend, but the statement still hurt... Chaz is your father, and even though he had to leave us so long ago, I still love him. Isn't that enough of a reason to say 'hi' once in a while, and let him know how you're doing?

I guess....

Now why don't we prepare a plan before we move out? According to the rumors here, the Rappy flock we're tracking has just left Monsen to the west, and if the wind conditions prevail, they should reach this coast somewhere just east of Tonoe....

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