The Other Side Joel Fagin

Epilogue - Okaasan No May <Mother's Eye>

We may never know the reasons for all that they did, and perhaps it is better we do not. Their race was alien and irrational by our standards. I cannot deny the influence of Dark Force must have been a factor, but even so I cannot forgive them their callous insanity. It is a sad thing to say, but I think it is good that they are dead.

- The Second Generation Lutz

The sky above Motavia was filled with new stars, drifting in a slow, random dance, growing brighter each night, until the night sky was ablaze with diamond light. One of the stars, an old one, began moving also, but slowly, bleeding a faint silvery trail like a comet.

Seemingly abandoned by Mother Brain and lost without her guidance, the people of Motavia saw the star, unique in a crowded sky, and named it Mother's Eye, for it appeared to be crying stardust for the people she had always sheltered. They took hope from its tiny silver light, found faith in its regard. It was a connection, the only connection, to their recent past and to easier times.

And they waited for Mother Brain to return to them, to fix the worlds.

Gods should not be real as Mother Brain was. To believe in one is to help yourself and others, but to know of one is to wait for it to act and to do as it tells you.

Knowledge is the path of least resistance. Belief is the stuff of will and evolution.

The people waited for salvation.

And it came, in a night of screaming fire, as the new stars began falling.

Mother's Eye drifted away, unnoticed and forgotten, as the people fought for life amidst the terror of the Great Collapse.

Centuries passed. Automatic systems had long since resealed the Noah, but there was no one to wake the sleepers, who dreamt on.

The ship drifted further out into the darkness.