The Other Side Joel Fagin

Prologue - Abayo <So Long> (2157 AD)

It was, as always, our own fault.

It is strange to think that the seas, the cradle of life, survived our folly. Down there, sheltered by darkness, some life still continues, and one day it will extend its limited imagination to what lies above the waves, come back out from the depths and make some shambling progress under the pale light of the sun.

Perhaps, one day, far in the future, we may meet these inheritors, but we do not deserve to.

We leave the grey Earth with a silent message in each of our hearts: look after it. To whoever shall inherit, whoever shall find the remains of our cities and our rubbish: take heed, learn, please, redeem us.

With tears behind our eyes, seeing our one and only home become a spark among many, we ask this one thing. Mother Nature does not deserve another like us. For all that she gave us, we have paid her back cruelly, even to the last.

The final frenzied years of life on Earth were our greatest hypocrisy. We will do better, if only we can escape, we said.

But we were human, and so we also said: they do not deserve to survive, we can only trust ourselves to be better. We cannot trust them.

The Noah was not mankind’s last hope. There were many such projects, sponsored by the conglomerates and governments which had stripped the life from Earth to serve our needs and their own.

But the resources, the metal and fuels, were limited. Long had we considered that a third World War would be a sweeping armageddon, but no. We could not afford the materials to fight with such fury. So we clawed and punched and bit, people on people, savage and animalistic, fighting for the remains of nothing.

Those who controlled the Noah won.

It is very comforting to know that hope remains, for the creators of the Noah, those who sent the starving into a bestial war and stole and killed for the last of Earth’s precious booty...

...they stayed behind.

They took the domes of Mars for themselves, and stayed, sending out only the best that remained.


Mankind’s last hope, each of us with a dark hollow space where our hearts should be.

Never again, we say to the stars. Next time, we will do better.