Phantasy Star III2k First Generation


What is it about Phantasy Star III that evokes such loathing in people? In any discussion about the series, you're likely to hear things like Oh, PS3? That was horrible! and That one's the black sheep of the series, no question! and It doesn't even relate to the rest of them!

It's my favorite, though, and was probably the game that most directly shaped how I tell stories and think about games. There's just something about Rhys's quest (and the quests of his kids) that resonates with me; my purpose in remaking it for RM2K3 was to try and convey what it is that I like about this sadly-underappreciated game.

Your results may vary - in the process, some of the details have changed. I expanded on some things that I thought could benefit from being expanded on, and took some liberties with the story that will either have you cheering or cursing my name for straying too far from the source material. More of the former, I hope, but that's what makes the remake process so exciting: you never know what you're going to get. And if you don't like what you ended up getting, well, you'll always have the original PSIII, and my version can't take that away.

Game created by Lysander86.


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Download Phantasy Star III2k First Generation v1.1b.

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