Hi all

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Hi all

Postby DarkMyau » Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:05 pm

Hi, I'm DarkMyau :D
I have always pronounced Myau as My-U. lol not Meow...I am going to continue mispronouncing it btw.
I also call myself WCW Champion, but that probably shouldn't be encouraged lol. Yes I like Wrestling, and yes I know its fake *sigh*. I also post on FAN if anyone else likes wrestling.....*crickets*....anyway.....

I have been a fan of Phantasy Star since the early 90's when I first played Phantasy Star 1.
It was a friends copy and I was the first to figure out "Secrets". My friend had actually decide it wasn't anything and had just built Alis up to lvl 23!
It was a long time after that I bout my copy and have enjoyed the game ever since.
Alis was my favorite character and the big fight with Madusa was the fight I enjoyed most as there was a lot of build up to finally facing her.
DarkFalz theme was great and I love the updated theme from generation 1.
It is still one of the best RPG I have ever enjoyed playing.

Phantasy Star 2 was fantastic. They really improved the fighting and I loved "Rise and Fall". Great theme for the battles.
It sadly didn't have many challenges outside of heavy grinding.
Nei was my favorite character and I was horrified to see her die. I felt the game lost a step after that.
The big fight with DarkForce was my favorite, but all 3 boss battles were epic.

I am one of the few that actually liked Phantasy Star 3. It had fantastic music and a great story. Choosing who to marry and getting a new character was great. I preferred Rhys-Nial-Aron as I liked his look the best. I am aware that this is the shortest game. Yes I have beaten the game with Sean (my dads name lol). The music that play's when you travel under Aridia is my favorite. The fight with Luna was my favorite.

Phantasy Star 4 was a bit too easy for my tastes. But it had a great story and well made characters. Rika was my favorite. She was a very well balanced character and very likable. And I loved the remade dungeon theme. The 2nd fight against Zio is my favorite.

I have played most of the FInal Fantasy games, but they are a poor second to Phantasy Star as they usually have terrible back stories (FF 7 and 12) and douchy characters (All FF 8 and Zidane).
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Re: Hi all

Postby BenoitRen » Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:25 pm

Welcome to the board! Have some pelorymate.
Get Xenoblade Chronicles!
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