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Page 6


Picture Captions:

[Gold Drake]
The journey nears its end at, at last, La Shiec's fortress, the Air Castle. But there lurks the fortress guardian, the Gold Drake [Gold Dragon]...
[La Shiec]
Upon arriving at La Shiec's palace, the three people and one animal defeat La Shiec's shadow [actually, La Shiec's shadow warrior or body double, his "kagemusha" - you've heard of the movie, right?], then challenge La Shiec as well. The final battle at last begins.
[Dark Force]
The real enemy, Dark Force, who feeds on the evil in the hearts of people. La Shiec was corrupted body and soul by his magic power and was nothing but a pawn.


This Ageless Masterpiece Is Perfectly Reproduced!

Now this software has been made a legend. Even today, it is a fun and completely enjoyable piece. However, this game was released eight whole years ago; obtaining the hardware and software is getting difficult. Luckily, there is good news, for there is a Megadrive version!

Picture Captions:

[Sega Mark III screen]
It is the same at the onset from when the "Mark III" appears.
[group shot]
Since the Megadrive and Mark III sound system standards are different, it is not compatible with the FM sound system, but the contents of the game are the same.

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Page 7


Phantasy Star II - At the End of the Time Which Can Never Be Returned to


Date Released:
on sale March 21, 1989
8,800 yen
8 megs + battery backup (4) [Note: The U.S. cart package says that PSII has 6 megs of RAM. Hmmm...]

Sega's new family game system, the Megadrive. II, which succeeded in showing off the power of this new hardware, ended up a totally different product from the previous work, with its dual-layered scrolling, 2D-perspective dungeons, anime-inspired characters, and so on. Its battle animation and magnificent story spanning the Algol Solar System, however, laid the groundwork for the framework of the series from then on.

Picture Captions:

Package illustration. Drawn by the hand of Hitoshi Yoneda-shi. It is a portent of the battle to come.
[Nei with gun]
The illustration of Nei put on the other side of the package. Drawn by Hitoshi Yoneda-shi.

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Page 8



Alisa, Lutz, and their friends...their fight to save the Algol Solar System has already become a legend and a modern fairy tale.

The year AW 1284. Motabia, the second planet in the Algol Solar System. The giant computer from times unknown called Mother Brain changed this desolate desert star into a lush, green planet. Mother Brain managed the weather conditions and food production as well, and the people led carefree lives.

Now, ever since the breeding of the evil creatures called "Biomonsters" years ago, the people have lived in fear and are at a loss as to what to do.

But, in these times, there are still a few strong-willed people. Eusis, an agent of the Motabian government, is one of them. Under orders from the governor [Commander], he heads off to the Biosystem to solve the mystery of the incident that happened there.

Picture Captions:

[Alisa in Eusis's dream]
Eusis has this nightmare every night. A lone girl, challenging a giant monster, goes to strike...
[Eusis in bed]
Just as the girl is fighting with all her strength, Eusis awakens. His heart is filled with sadness...

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Page 9



Born September 17, AW 1263. Employed as an agent of the Motabian government. His faithfulness to his many duties has earned him the governor's deep confidence.

When he was ten years old, he lost his parents through a spaceship accident and has lived alone ever since. He is a sword master and, though he has gone through some rough times, he is at present a kind-hearted young man. He dreams of the battle between the brave, legendary Alisa and Dark Force every night, a clue to the secret of his lineage. With his little sister Nei [used figuratively, not literally], he goes to investigate the mystery of the Biomonster creatures, but he will soon become embroiled in the fight for Algol's destiny.


Born August 30, AW 1283. A girl born from the fusion of human and Biomonster cells. Because of this, she was given a hard time by humans and wandered about Motabia.

Seven months ago, when someone attacked her and tried to kill her, Eusis saved her, and from then on she became his little sister and lived with him. When she was rescued, she was still a child, but she has grown rapidly in seven months.

When she learns that Eusis is going to investigate the Biosystem, she asks him to take her along too. Her quick, lithe movements and claw attacks are her strengths, and she rises in level very quickly.

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Page 10

Rudger Steiner

Born July 1st, AW 1249. He was a gifted soldier in the Motabian army, but when Biomonsters killed his wife and daughter, he retired from military service and became a Biomonster-slaying hunter.

As a weapons professional, there is hardly any gun he cannot handle. Since losing his wife and child, he has lost his smile, but he has not lost his warm heart. With his cool-headed composure, he acts as the rational voice to Eusis and his quick-to-action comrades.

Picture Caption: Of all the weapons, guns boast the highest attack power. He is a character to keep in the party until the very last.

Anne Saga

Born April 26, AW 1261. Raised in a normal Motabia home, she finished her internship spring of this year and successfully became a doctor. She, who has seen many tragedies in the course of her profession, believes in helping the many people who are alone and thus decides to join Eusis and friends in their actions. She'll want to help any comrade whose life force has been diminished and is a kind-hearted woman. Except for things like maces and chemicals, she can use hardly any weapons, but her strength in healing wounds makes her a vital presence in the party.

Amia Amirski

Day, month, and year of birth unknown. Employed as a counter-hunter.

Within the hunters there are those who use their skills for evil purposes, fugitives who wound and slaughter. She is the professional who hunts them down. She is an expert with the boomerang-like weapons called "slicers". She appears to be a fierce woman, but she really is a gentle-hearted lady. She speaks little of her own past, but she seems to be a loner from far-off lands; she comes to treat Eusis as a friend, with the type of familiarity that comes, perhaps, from one who has lived through similar circumstances.

Picture Caption: With a weapon other than a slicer, Amia can go in for a close-range attack. [And then there follows a small sentence that I can't translate; it says something about Amia's abilities being very strange. Sorry, folks, can't win 'em all.]

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