Phantasy Star Walkthrough

There are always people who get stuck somewhere in the game, hopefully this walkthrough will help you along the way.

Part 1

Welcome to the phantastic world of Algol with its three planets Palma, Motavia and Dezoris.

Please don't spoil the game yourself by reading all the tips mentioned in this walkthrough. If possible, you should solve all puzzles by yourself and use this guide only if you are in deep trouble.

For a peaceful family life you should save the game after each part to spend some time with your wife (husband), children or doggie or prepare yourself a sandwich and a hot cup of coffee for the dawn is near and another night is over.

Your quest starts in Camineet, the capital of palma, after Nero, the brother of our hero Alis, was killed by the evil henchmen of Lassic. Having really poor equipment at the start you should quickly earn money which makes the world go around.

When you start playing and also later in the game you should save the game from time to time. Otherwise you might risk to lose your life in a battle and everything you reached after playing for hours is lost forever.

At the beginning don't move away too far from the walls around the towns Camineet and Parolit. Here you find many Sworms and Scorpions which can be beaten easily for experience points and mesetas. After you bought yourself a better sword and armor and having equipped yourself (EQU in the ITEM menu) you can risk touring the map for more information and adventure.

Sell your old equipment in the Second-Hand Shops; who needs the Short Sword if you are a proud owner of a brandnew Ceramic Sword?

Buy burgers and cola to stay healthy even in locations where no hospital is near. One of the best items in the game is a Transer. Use it to fly to the last visited church in case of deadly weakness. But caution, within a battle or deep inside a dungeon this item is useless!

Visit the home of Suelo (the house near the eastern exit of Camineet) very often because you can heal yourself and all party members without paying money. No hospital in the Algol system works for a smile; they all need cash to pay their bills. So use the help offered by Suelo thankfully.

Another tip, visit every house and hut, talk to all people you will meet to gain all the information needed to beat Lassic. In case of questions asked to your party, use both possiblities of conversation to make sure not to miss a single detail which might be important. Write down all information gathered because some tips are only given once. Okay, enough smalltalk, let's start the adventure. Alis needs help; she can't beat the tyrant Lassic all by herself. . . .

Part 2

After speaking to many people you will reveal that the warrior Odin is missing since he started his search for Medusa. Someone has seen Odin who was followed by a catlike animal. This might be a clue. So try to find this 'cat' which was sold by a guy to a merchant on Motavia.

Things start to get difficult, because the soldiers guarding the spaceport entrance don't let you enter neither the port nor the spaceships unless you can show them a roadpass. So try to buy the SECRET item in the Second Hand Shop in Scion (stay persistent, you have to enter the shop three times) which is, as you might think, the roadpass needed.

Now the spaceport is free for roaming but to leave Palma with one of the spaceships a passport must be bought in a shop located on the port (nice, isn't it). Now off you go, enjoy your first trip to space, many others will follow. After a short flight Motavia comes in sight and you will land in Paseo, the capital of the desert planet.

All those who are not planning suicide or carry a huge bag full of burgers will not leave Paseo. So better let's go shopping instead. Trade the Laconian pot which a friend of Nero has given to you (you did visit all houses, didn't you?).

In exchange your first party member stands in front of you, Myau the 'Cat'. This little animal tells you that Odin was turned to stone by Medusa. But fortunately, the medicine to revive Odin hangs around Myau's neck. All those of you who entered the little dungeon south of the walls surrounding Camineet might have seen a manshaped stone statue deep inside the dungeon. Could this be Odin? You will not win unless you try. . .

Part 3

After the statue is soaked with Alsulin (USE in the ITEM menu) Odin can shake his head again. And, although staying there for a long time (didn't you notice the algae at his feet, uh, oh sorry, athlet feet) he will not use the toilet at once, but comes straight to the point, explaining to you that Medusa carries an axe made of Laconian steel.

He tells you of a compass which is hidden in this dungeon and which is needed to pass through the forest which surrounds the Eppi village south of Camineet and Parolit. Here you can buy a Needle Gun and gain information about an important item: the dungeon key, which is hidden in the mini dungeon in Camineet (okay, you've searched this dungeon many times without finding the key, but trust me, now it will be there).

Part 4

By the way, you might wonder why we will not enter the dungeon entrance on the peninsula south of Scion. Be patient, at the moment it will be too dangerous for our small party due to the mass of pitfalls within this cave.

It's better to find Noah first and wait until he or Myau will know the exit spell which enables the party to leave all dungeons immediatelly.

As you might have noticed, an esper named Noah is living in the Naharu cave northwest of Paseo. Some brave guys among you (all those who ignored the warning in part 2) may have found him already, but unfortunatelly the magician refuses to join the party.

So, some information and items must be necessary to gain his friendship. First of all, Noah is a good friend of the Motavian governor. For an audience you should 'bribe' him somehow. Cakes and sweet candies might come in handy. So where can we buy a cake?.

The bakery is located in the Naula cave northeast of Camineet. But be careful, it seems to be rush hour in this ugly shopping center. Werebats and Evildead are mentioned here as well known customers to the brave bakery owner. He tells you that the cake will cost you 1,000 Mesetas but he only takes 280 bucks out of your purse.

Give the fresh cake to the Robotcop who blocks the entrance to the governors palace. After some smalltalk the governor gives you a letter for Noah and invites you to stay in the palace for some rest. Rest, really funny!

After a more or (sleep)less peaceful night you walk to the Naharu cave, offer the letter to Noah and he finally joins. Noah knows about a secret passage leading from the Palmanian spaceport to a village named by the Gothic forest (or is it the other way round, doesn't matter). So buy a flash, enter the passage and on we go to . . .

Part 5

Let's hope you can end the temporary Cola shortage in Gothic. Otherwise you will not gather much information. But offering a drink here and there will help to reveal the hideout of Doc Luveno.

Please be careful. Don't enter the wrong building south of the Gothic village. Luveno does not reside in the pyramid like building southwest of Gothic but in a fort straight south of the village. We will check the pyramid later in our quest, the enemies inside are too stong for us at the moment. Ok, back to Luveno's hideout.

In the fort a robotcop blocks your way and asks for your roadpass. Show it to him and he stays friendly, otherwise you have to fight him. After finding Doc Luveno it seems that he made up his mind to build no spaceship anymore, so stay persistent and visit him again and again. After some smalltalk he agrees to your plan and orders your party back to Gothic where he will wait for you.

Quick guy, the old lad. Even if you hurry he awaits you in one of the houses. Now he asks you to find his assistant who hides himself in the passageway from the spaceport to Gothic. Couldn't he do it himself? You have better things to do. Okay, okay, being an old man and due to the circumstances that we want him to build a spaceship we do him the favour and find his assistant for him. Now he wants a fee of 1.200 mesetas to start assembling.

Stay calm. For our little revenge we will disturb him until he tells us that the spaceship is ready for takeoff. But now he tells us that we can't fly without the little robot Hapsby. Couldn't he have told us this earlier?

Trouble over trouble . . .

Part 6

Our investigations so far might have given you the clue, that Hapsby is made of Laconian metal and that a chemical lotion named Polymtrl can dissolve all material with the exception of this material.

After touring around the peninsula underneath Gothic, passing a lava field, (outch, let's hope you are packed with burgers) we finally reach a small village lying in ruins. This is Bortevo, where Habspy is supposed to be found . . .

. . . but he isn't. Even if you turn each stone upside down. Without the Polymtrl we have no chance finding him. So let's pass a dungeon north of Bortevo and see the sunlight again on an insula.

Going around a laguna with annoying octopusses we now reach the village named Loar. Here we can finally visit a hospital but we can not stock up our burger supply. In the armor shop you can buy the best weapon available for Myau, the Silver Fang and if you have some money left, a Heat Gun for Odin. Leave some money for the Polymtrl (1,600 mesetas should be enough!) and leave the village, head north and then west to approach the town of Abion.

Having arrived here buy the liquid and try to confront Doc Mad who lives in the house on the insula of the small lake inside the town. Be sure that Noah knows the PROT magic or Myau can use the WALL technic before confronting him. Otherwise it could run disastrous for your party. If Dr. Mad is history he leaves the Laconian pot behind (the one we traded for Myau). Let's take it, maybe it will be useful somehow.

Stock up your supply and go back to Bortevo (you will make it, I am sure) enter the house with the blue gem above the door and use the Polymtrl in front of the garbage. You finally discovered the hidden Hapsby.

Back in Gothic we tell Doc Luveno about our success. Now the unfriendly guy at the western exit of the village will step aside.

Part 7

Now you can approach your own spaceship, the Luveno, which is standing there in the shimmering sunlight of an early morning.

Hapsby wants to know to which planet town you want to fly. You can choose either Uzo on Motavia or Skure on Dezoris. Flying to Dezoris can be dangerous at the moment due to the fact that the monsters on top and inside the underground dungeons are real beasts. You might visit Skure for some real good equipment, but you should have plenty of meseta to buy the expensive stuff. It is your decision.

Your party should fly to Uzo on Motavia instead. In this town a friendly guy tells you about a magic flute which is hidden in the Gothic village. This flute has two magic effects. Playing it when an enemy stands in front of you it will turn the monster to instant sleep allowing you to retreat easily. The second, far better magic is, that you and your party will be transported to the entrance of any dungeon like the EXIT magic of Myau and Noah.

So let us return to Gothic and find the flute in one of the dead end roads.

Back to Uzo equip yourself with a bunch of burgers and a transer. Now you can search the town Casba, which lies southwest of Uzo. This town can only be reached by passing a dungeon. In this dungeon you can confront the Casba dragon, which will blow your ears apart. But if you are lucky and win the fight, you are in possession of the Amber Eye, which will come in handy later. This is the standard answer of all merchants, to whom you might offer this precious gem.

Part 8

After reaching Casba you can buy the Landrover in one of the second hand shops. The price is high if you think of it as a used car. But it will speed up the things a bit. You can move faster around the countryside, the attack rate will decrease and you are able to cross the antlion hills to enter areas which where unreachable before.

The best thing about Casba is that you will gather an information about the Hovercraft. It seems to be hidden in Bortevo, the junk village on Palma. You will find it in one of the houses but only if your have the information about it given in the game. This is a sort of flag which you will encounter on several occasions (like the Dungeon Key flag in Eppi, you remember).

So , let's get back to Palma to find the Hovercraft in the garbage. From now on, you have to decide, which way you want to go next. If you want to look for the Laconian sword first, skip part 9 and 10 of the walkthrough and come back later.

But you can go on to part 9, too.

Part 9

With the weak equipment of the party it will be very difficult to continue. So it would be nice to find better and stronger weapons and armor.

Board your Hovercraft (USE in the ITEM menu) and cruise the Palamanian sea. You will find two islands. The first northwest of Bortevo with a pyramid on top should be left alone. We will come back here in part 11 of the walkthrough.

On the second island enter the town Drasgow. Here you can buy a gas shield, which will be very useful to reach the Sopia village on Motavia which is surrounded by clouds of pure poisonous gas. You can try to enter this village without the shield but the costs of burgers to heal you during your trip is nearly the same as the 1,000 mesetas the trader wants to see for the gas shield. Okay, get the shield and fly to Motavia. Whoever wants to tour over the spaceport of Palma will be very disappointed due to the fact that your passport will be confiscated by the spaceport guardians. Who cares about this, we have our own spaceship, the magnificent Luveno!

After reaching Uzo on Motavia walk west until you hit a mountain wall (outch!). Now turn north to reach the Motavian lake. This part of the lovely desert countryside is soaked with a species called Sandworms, which, after being beaten to shreads, will donate a mass of mesetas. So remember the place and, being better equipped, come back later to earn some money. Now enter the hovercraft, cross the lake to the west and leave the boat when you see the poisonous green gas clouds.

Enter the clouds and . . . nothing will happen if you are in possession of the gas shield. Otherwise, good luck.

After entering Sopia talk to the village elder. He will give you an information concerning the Mirror Shield which is needed to beat Medusa. But he will only open his mouth after you donate him the amount of 400 mesetas. Okay, give him the money because you will not find the shield on the small island in the middle of the Motavian lake until the babbling old guy has told you about it (the ON/OFF flag, you remember).

After an intensive search all over the island the Mirror Shield is yours forever. Equip Odin and, if you are strong enough, go on to ...

Part 10

Now we should do something for the equipment of Noah. Located near the southern coast of the Motavian lake you can find a dungeon in which the old master of Noah, named Tajima (Tarzimal) is living.

Noah must encounter him all alone, none of your party members will be able to help him. So don't use any of Noah's magic until you reach the door behind which Tajima is waiting.

After he is beaten in a fair fight, he will donate the Frad Mantle which provides better defence for Noah. After a short break we can go on to . . .

Part 11

The next location our small party is aiming at is the lost island northwest of Bortevo. Here you find, if you survive, the Laconian Sword for Alis. A Red Dragon is guarding this precious item with the best attack values a sword can h ave. So don't talk to the dragon by using Noah's TELE magic but kick his butt. Otherwise you will never get your hands on the sword.

After the dragon is history you now can fly to Dezoris to visit the town Skure. Here you can buy the best equipment for Noah (Wand) and Myau (Gloves) and, if your purse isn't empty yet, a Laser Gun for Odin.

Noah and Myau are now fully equipped for the confrontation with Lassic but some items are still missing. Odin needs the Laconian armor and axe, and Alis needs the Laconian shield.

So, what are we waiting for? If Myau knows the TRAP magic you can go on to part 12, otherwise skip it, read part 13 and come back later.

Part 12

Equipped with burgers, transer, magic lamp and courage you will now encounter the living zombies of Guaron.

Pass three dungeons (in the third dungeon you will find White Dragons which are really strong. Talk to them now with Noah's TELE spell. Later in the game you might come back here to kick their butts for 75 experience points and more than 200 mesetas).

After the third dungeon is left behind turn to the west and continue your journey strictly northwest to finally find the Guaron fort. Here the ugly zombies seem to have their hideout, no other enemy is to be seen. Search the dungeon (refer to the map) turn around a corner, step forward to the door and fall through a pit.

Did I forget to mention the trap which Myau should have disabled with the TRAP spell? Sorry for that.

Okay, after Odin proudly presents his new Laconian armor, blow the flute, use the transer and go to . . .

Part 13

Those of you who overheard the warning in part 5 (Do not enter the pyramid southwest of Gothic, you remember?) might have been in real big trouble.

But now the party is strong enough, now the time has come to get the Laconian axe out of Medusas hands. Refer to the map to find your way to to top of the tower where Medusa is only waiting for you. Equipped with the mirror shield Odin protects the whole party. So Medusa will not have a chance beating you to dust.

Now all armor for Odin is collected. Only Alis protection is a bit weak. Buy the Diamond armor in the Paseo weapon shop (the fee is a lousy sum of 15,000 mesetas). This was the easy part but to find the Laconian shield is more complicated.

Fly to Dezoris, cross the three dungeons and turn west. Head in this direction until you find a cave which is a small passageway to a new plateau. Again you should head west until you see a cave. Enter it to find a friendly Dezorian who tells you not to use the right turn at the crossing ahead.

Be prepared, Dezorians are notorious liars but some other people will tell you that they have met Dezorians which have told them the truth. We will encounter this problem once again later. But back to you little Dezorian here in the cave. Believe him and you are lost. Turn right and follow the cave downstairs and upstairs and downstairs and upstairs. . .

until you find a door behind which the Laconian shield is hidden in a treasure chest. Blow the flute to be transported back to the surface and, if your party is strong enough, head north to find a tower (beware of the pitfalls inside).

Here you can trade your Amber Eye for a torch which will be really helpful for solving your quest. Those of you who skipped part 12 should jump back, all others are welcome in . . .

Part 14

All weapons which are needed to sent Lassic to heaven are now equipped. You can try to confront Lassic without any Laconian items, only equipped with the best armor money can buy, it works too, but it is 'slightly' more difficult.

Some special items are still missing. Searching your notes (you made some, havn't you?) reveals that on the Altiplano plateau on Dezoris the Laerma tree can be found. Roaming all around Dezoris by foot or Landrover will not help you to find the tree.

All you need is the Icedigger, a vehicle which can break through certain ice walls. The Icedigger is for sale in Twintown, the second village on Dezoris. Start at Skure, head through the three dungeons and turn east. After a short march through the icy countryside you have to pass a fourth dungeon and finally, after leaving the surface for a fifth time, you have reached Twintown.

Here the towns people on the left will tell you that all inhabitants on the right side are liars, and vice versa. So you have to decide which of the Twintown people are notorious liars and who will tell you the pure truth. You will do it right, I think.

Back to the Icedigger, the costs are enormous (12,000 mesetas). Pay if you can, because American Express or other credit cards are not accepted in the Algol Star system. After leaving Twintown enter the Icedigger and drive along the icy walls of Dezoris. You might refer to the map to find the two breakable walls.

Find the Learma tree, use the torch to let the lerma nuts grow on the tree. If the Laconian pot is not in your inventory the nuts will shrink and become useless. But, if you confronted Doc Mad earlier in the game, the pot is yours and the nuts are protected from the sunlight.

Now drive on to the next location which was hidden behind the ice. It's a cave in which you will find the Aero Prisma guarded by one or two Giants.

The instruction how to use the precious gem is given by a young lady in the same cave. Now rest for a while, save the game. After a short while continue with . . .

Part 15

Now it is time to look in the STAT menu to see if Noah knows the OPEN spell. If he knows it the end of Lassic is near.

With the OPEN magic you can finally crack the magic door of the wall which blocked the passage to the northern part of Palma. Being inside you can open all other doors with the dungeon key to gather some information. Near the end of the passage a Robotcop will appear. He asks for our roadpass. If we show it to him he will identify the document as a fake and sends the party to a prison where no exit can be seen.

Don't blow the flute to escape but try the following: In the little dungeon you should examine the walls very closely. Step forward and turn to the left and right to face the wall. Sooner or later a hidden door can be found leading to the exit of the dungeon. You might ask if this is really necessary but believe me the experience you made will come in handy later.

Back at the Robotcop you should lie to him. A short fight later the passage is free. Open the door and journey along to the next small dungeon. After passing this one you only have to cross a lava field and finally stand in front of the great tower of Baya Malay.

Enter it to find another magic door. It would be nice to be in possession of the Magic Key . . .

Part 16

This key can only be found, as you might have expected, inside the Baya Malay tower. Refer to the map to find the Magic Key. If you are healthy enough, try to get your hands on the Crystal which is also located here.

An old guy, whose mental abilities seem to have vanished due to the thin air on top of the tower, will ask you some questions. Even if he will throw you out again and again, stay persistent and try to find out the right answers. As a reward for your patience you will gain the crystal. Its magic powers will protect you from the evil magic of Lassic. Without this item in your inventory you will be smashed like flies on the wall.

Having gathered all we need now, blow the flute and use the FLY magic to return to a save location. I know, you were very near the revenge but it is better to retreat now and come back later refreshed and fully equipped.

Part 17

To have the slightest chance beating Lassic you should leave everything behind which is not necessary for the final confrontation. Sell everything what can be sold with the exception of the Magic Flute and the Magic Light. All those whose feet are malfunctioning after the long journey may keep the Landrover, but as I remember, the vehicle can't be sold anyway. Buy a Transer (believe me, you need it) and as much burger as your party can carry along.

Now return to Baya Malay, but hey, let's visit a church first to find out if one or all party member have gathered enough points to be near a level-up. You will urgently need all hitpoints and magicpoints so let's go fishing first and hit some Fishmen in their ugly faces.

After this visit Suelo for a refreshing night and on we go to enter Baya Malay.

Please take it as a rule not to fight and try to retreat first. Don't open any chests you might find to avoid bomb or arrow traps, because you don't need any money now. Save at any corner or stairs you have reached without losing some of your hitpoints. So you don't loose much terrain if you are forced to press the RESET button in case of being damaged heavily. Refer to the map to find your way up to the top of the castle.

Myau should use the TRAP spell in front of the last pitfall, now turn around some corners and you finally breathe the fresh air of Palma again . . .

Part 18

Hold the Aero Prisma towards the sky and the unholy Aercastle will appear right in front of you. No clouds to walk on, so what are we supposed to do next ?

Offer a Laerma nut to Myau (the cat seems to be the only one, who will not suffer from a heavy stomach ache afterwards). But look at the side effect, Myau gets a pair of wings and will grow as tall as a horse. So the whole party can take an air ride to the castle of the tyrant Lassic.

Everything seems easy going but suddenly a Gold Dragon approaches. Fight until the monster falls off the sky. If one of your party members (especially Myau) dies, press RESET and restart from top of Baya Malay. Finally the dragon is history and Alis lands in front of the Air Castle.

Step inside and move downstairs, you can't get lost in this dungeon. After opening a door and fighting a guy who claims to be the shadow of Lassic (don't use any magic, you will need it) you have to climb upstairs to reach Lassics hideout. It's a door sealed by magic and before using your magic key you should stock up your hitpoints by eating the last burgers.

Save the game and . . .

Part 19

Now the moment of revenge is coming. Alis stands in front of the man who sends his Robotcops against Nero, Alis beloved brother. If your party has come here without the crystal in its inventory the battle will end as quickly as is has begone. But even with the crystal it will be a hard fight, believe me.

The best tactic is to use magic spells like FIRE by Alis, WIND by Noah and the Lasergun of Odin. Myau has to use all magic ability to heal the one which is injured most badly after one strike of Lassic. He not attacks only one of your party members but ALL at once.

If your last survivors have finally beaten Lassic, blow your flute for an instant transport outside the Aerocastle. If Myau has not survived and you have not enough magic points left for the FLY spell of Alis, you must starve to death floating above the clouds forever. But look in your inventory, you bought a TRANSER, haven't you.

Okay, use it to fly to the last visited church. Revive your dead allies, stock up some supply and on we go to visit the governor . . .

Part 20

Back in Paseo on Motavia we enter the palace and see . . . no governor. He has vanished, the party falls through a pit in a dungeon underneath the palace. Searching for the governor becomes difficult due to the mass of Red Dragons, Giant and Androids encountering Alis and her friends.

Trapping inside a second pitfall at the end of a corridor will not help much. Now we have to fight Mammoths, Titans, Centaurs and ugly Magicans instead. And no exit is in sight. Should there be a hidden door somewhere? After finding and opening this door walk around two more corners and stop in front of a door sealed by magic. Heal your party, save the game and open the door. . .

Surrounded by complete darkness he suddenly approaches us, it's DARKFALZ personally, more powerful than even Lassic was. And nobody knows the trouble we have seen, no hitpoints of your opponent are in sight. Retreat is impossible now, you can only try to fight and survive.

If you can not beat Darkfalz, RESET the game, return to the surface, stock up you supplies and come back here trying the tactic again, which helped so much against Lassic.

After Darkfalz is defeated we will notice that in fact the party battled against the governor, which was transformed to this beast by Lassic in a last effort to gain victory even after his own death. Finally the true origin of Alis will be revealed.

She, who wonders, after being along with this fabulous person for some time, is the offspring of the last Algol king, the princess of the Algol star system. If Alis claims her birthright, is your decision and so the story and the long quest is, sad to say so,


The party posing for the ending

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