Has been intrigued by nature since his childhood; now the leading expert on plants and animals.



TechniqueEffectTPWhen you get it
RimitParalyses an enemy.3LV 2
DoranLowers an enemy's attack accuracy.2LV 3
GenDamages a bio-monster.1LV 3
SagenDamages all bio-monsters.3LV 5
ShinbCauses a bio-monster to run away.4LV 5
ShizaDisables a monster's special abilities.6LV 6
ResRecovers a small amount of a party member's Hit Points.3LV 8
FoiAttacks an enemy with fire.2LV 9
GifoiAttacks an enemy with fire.6LV 12
VolKills a bio-monster instantly.8LV 15
ZanAttacks a group of enemies with wind.4LV 18
SavolKills a group of bio-monsters instantly.16LV 24
GraAttacks all enemies with gravity.8LV 27
GiresRecovers a medium amount of a party member's Hit Points.7LV 30
GigraAttacks all enemies with gravity.12LV 33
GizanAttacks a group of enemies with wind.7LV 36

Techniques to be bought

TechniqueEffectTPWhere to buy it
MusikEnables the user to play the piano.3Learn it from Ustvestia in Oputa. Price: 2000 MES. for boys

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