Doctor He will heal and cure your party members. The price for his services differs from town to town.
Clone Clown Inside the Clone Laboratories you will meet this guy. The fee for cloning one of the party members depends on his / her level.
Data Girl This friendly person will tell you how many experience points each party member needs to progress to the next level. After this helpful information you can save the progress you have made. If you use your Visiphone (get it later in the game) you will contact her to save your game anywhere you like.
Teleport Girl She awaits you inside the teleport buildings on Mota. From here you can teleport to any town on Mota you have visited before.
Tool Guy He and all his brothers (they all look the same) are owners of the Motavian Tool shops. Here you find items for healing and transportation, like Dimate and Escapipe for example. Sell some stuff not needed anymore in these shops. You only get half the price back, but this is always more than if you simply drop the items.
Armor Guy Here you can buy armor and other equipment to protect you. Be careful when buying. Not all party members can use the same sort of equipment, and some armor is very expensive.
Weapon Girl This lady sells weapons of all kinds. She will tell you if the one who will take the weapon can be equipped with it. Trust her, she is always right.
Shop Dezorian 1Shop Dezorian 2Shop Dezorian 3Shop Dezorian 4 These guys live on Dezo and can be found in the shops on the ice planet. Only the Clone Lab clowns seem to have a monopoly on their service. They reside on Dezo, too.

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