Phantasy Star III Walkthrough - Ayn

Cyborg Attack

King Rhys, Queen Maia, and Prince Ayn! Cyborgs are attacking our lands! The vile cyborgs have beaten all our monsters! My lord, King Lyle of Shusoran begs for help! Rhys orders Ayn to take Wren and Mieu and find a sanctuary for his people. Leave Cille and journey south to Shusoran to begin.

Shusoran Town

Lyle can be found in Shusoran castle, but he is too weak to fight. Talking to the townspeople reveals mixed reactions, some are scared of the cyborg invasion, others are confident they can win. After speaking to everyone continue by sailing to Rysel town.

Rysel Town

In Rysel town there is a messenger from that reports Cille and Shusoran are under attack and need you desperately. Quickly, take Ayn, Mieu, and Wren back to Cille.

Return to Cille Town

Cille is abandoned except for a lone person who tells Ayn The cyborgs were too powerful to be resisted. Everyone fled to Aridia, but I refuse to leave! The town of Shusoran is also deserted, but the Orakian town of Agoe was untouched. Take Ayn back across the sea and head south to go to Aridia.


Arida has not been attacked and the town of Hazatak is intact. One of the cyborgs in Hazatak saw that Your family and friends fled far to the west. They have the Twins' Ruby, the key to Landen. Leave Hazatak and go west to the cave where Wren was found in Rhys' quest.

Western Cave

Go to the center of the cave where Wren was originally found, Rhys and Lyle are there. Lyle's daughter Thea has been kidnapped and is being held in a world to the east. He gives Ayn the Dragon's Tear which allows access to the eastern cave. Leave this cave and travel east to rescue Thea.

Passage to Draconia

The eastern passage in Aridia leads to Draconia. Journey south and east, the first town in sight is Lensol town.

Lensol Town

Lensol town is basically empty, there is one man who talks about a town to the southeast called Techna. However, Ayn can not travel there on foot. The castle gate is locked, meaning the only option is to leave Lensol and proceed northeast to the village of Endora.

Endora Town

In Endora there is a man claiming I tried to rescue the princess a while ago. That place is infested with powerful monsters. I opened the castle gate but I couldn't get in. Head back to Lensol to enter the now open castle gate.

Lensol Castle

Once inside Lensol castle head for the staircase leading to the dungeon. The dungeon will lead to a garden outside which has another entrance to the dungeon. Enter this second staircase to find the prison where Thea is held. Open the prison gate and Thea joins the party. Exit the dungeon and return to Aridia to show Lyle that Thea is safe.

Return to Aridia

Return to the western cave and Lyle tells Ayn to use the Twin's Ruby to enter the passage to Landen. Leave the cave and travel to the northwestern cave.

Travel to Landen

In the towns of Yaata and Ilan Ayn learns that Lena's daughter Sari is the present ruler of Landen. Go to Landen castle and enter the dungeon to find Sari.

Landen Dungeon

Sari is found in the back of the dungeon. She challenges Ayn to a fight for the Power Topaz.

Fight vs. Sari

Sari is guarded by 3 Commsats and 3 Zarachnes. The Zarachnes are the one to watch because they possess the Tsu technique. In the first round have Thea, Ayn, and Mieu attack the Zarachnes, and have Wren attack Sari. Once the Zarachnes are finished have Thea attack Sari and have Ayn and Mieu finish off the Commsats. Sari has 200-300 hit points and only one attack, although it is powerful. If the party is near full strength this should be an easy battle.

Cape Dragon Spine

Once Sari is in the party return to Draconia. Along the northern shore, east of Endora, there is a place called Cape Dragon Spine. There is a dragon waiting there, he offers to carry Ayn and party across the sea to Techna. After landing the dragon transforms into Lyle and makes a revelation At last I can tell you my long-held secret. I have the power to change into a dragon. Yes, it was I who stole Maia so very long ago! Afterwards, Lyle dies.


The townspeople of Techna tell Ayn that the castle leads to the satellite Azura. Enter the castle to continue.

Techna Castle

Inside the dungeon there is an old sage who tells Ayn You are the first of your people to visit us. The Power Topaz proves your courage and worth. You have earned the right to know the truth! It is time for you to see your true world! Behind him is a small rocket which takes Ayn to Azura, and shows him the truth of his world.


Once landing on Azura find the entrance to the dungeon located along the north end of the palace. Inside the dungeon is Siren, who fought along side Orakio and is responsible for the wave of cyborg attacks. Ayn and party must defeat him to end the cyborg attacks.

Fight vs. Siren

Siren is guarded by 3 Flashes and 3 Mechs. Kill off the Mechs as soon as possible because they can use the Tsu technique. Once they are done have Wren and Thea attack Siren and the rest of the party finish off the Flashes. Siren has over 1200 hit points and will take many rounds to defeat. He attacks mostly with the Zan technique, which means Thea or Mieu will have to cast gires every few rounds.

End of Ayn's Quest

Thus did Prince Ayn fulfill his destiny. Rejoicing, his people moved to the satellite. King Rhys decreed that Ayn should marry soon. Two women made known their interest in him.

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