Phantasy Star Generation 1 FAQ

What is it?

Phantasy Star Generation 1 is a remake of the game Phantasy Star, originally released for the Sega Master System in 1988, for the Sony PlayStation 2. It was remade by 3D AGES, a joint venture between Sega and D3 Publisher, as the first title of the Sega Ages 2500 series of games.

What's new?

The graphics have undergone a facelift, and the music has been remixed. The battle system has been enhanced to show multiple enemies on the screen. New items have been added, such as crystals that you can in conjuction with weapons or magic for devastating effects. Another new item is the Atlas, which automaps the dungeon you are in for 100 steps. There are some new monsters as well.

Story-wise, there are more cut-scenes in the form of manga stills. The characters have been given more personality, which shows during conversations and the use of the new Talk command.

Will it be translated?

Short answer: No, not officially.

Long answer: Originally Conspiracy Entertainment had a licensing agreement with 3D AGES to localise and release all of their remakes in the USA and Europe. However, Sony Computer Entertainment of America rejected the localisations of the 2D games when asked to evaluate them for licensing approval, because they believe that 2D games don't showcase the PlayStation 2's graphical prowess. To bypass this issue, the plan was to release the games in bundles, as SCEA was more willing to review compilations. One of these bundles was going to be Phantasy Star Trilogy, containing the remakes of Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star IV. But the remake of Phantasy Star IV was never released, and the licensing agreement expired. In the end, only one bundle was released as Sega Classics Collection.

Update: A complete English fan translation of Phantasy Star Generation 1 has been released here at the PS Cave!

What about Phantasy Star III?

Phantasy Star III has never been considered for a remake. Why is anyone's guess.

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