Phantasy Star Generation: 2 French Translation

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Phantasy Star Generation: 2 is a remake of the game Phantasy Star II, originally released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1989, for the Sony PlayStation 2. It was developed by 3D AGES, a joint venture between Sega and D3 Publisher, as the 17th title of the Sega Ages 2500 series of games.

To learn more about the game, visit the dedicated Phantasy Star Generation: 2 game section. This section includes everything from a walkthrough to manual scans.


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The Phantasy Star Generation: 2 French ISO and patch is not released to replace the original game. You can purchase the Japanese version prior to downloading these files. You can also support Sega by buying other Phantasy Star games and licensed merchandise.

Translation Credits

This complete French translation of Phantasy Star Generation: 2 is made by Tryphon and Hiei- (Blaw- on the message board). You can contact them via the Phantasy Star Generation: 2 French translation project thread or through Tryphon and Hiei-'s message board profile. Alternatively, you can contact the team at their own forum.

The game credits are available in English and French.


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Download Note

This remake features the original version of the game released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, accessible from the title screen. This version of the remake does not include a French version of that. The Japanese ROM has been replaced with the English ROM.

The next version will feature the French version of the original game. For news about the release of version 2, please like our Facebook page!


Phantasy Star Generation:2: French Translation - This ISO download includes the full French translation V2. For version 2 changes, please refer to the changelog.

We recommend using PCSX2 for emulation. This Playstation 2 emulator is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


If you are interested in manually applying a patch to the original Japanese ISO, download patch for: Windows, OSX, or Linux. Refer to the readme file for details on how to apply the patch.

PlayStation 3 version

To use the PS3 version, you need to have a CFW (Custom Firmware) installed on your PS3 in order to be able to install packages (.pkg). You will also need "ReactPSN" to activate the game license.

How to install the game:

  1. Install the "JP0000-SLPM62553_00-PS2CLASSICS00000.pkg" file on your PS3 with a package installation software.
  2. Copy the "exdata" directory to the root of a USB storage device (an USB key for example), then connect it to the right USB port (front ports).
  3. Activate the game with "ReactPSN".

Note: If you never used "ReactPSN", it's pretty easy to use. Briefly, download the last version and install the package (.pkg file) on your PS3. Create an user named "aa" on your PS3 and connect to this "aa" session. Hold the "L1" button on your controller and launch "ReactPSN" with the "X" button (keep holding the "L1" button until the PS3 is rebooted). The "aa" user should now be renamed "ReactPSN" and your game should now be activated. You can now use the game with any user profile available on your PS3 (like any PSN game).

Phantasy Star Generation:2: French Translation (PlayStation 3 version) - This ISO download includes the full French translation for the PS3 version.

We need your help!

This translation was developed by Phantasy Star fans for both new and long time PS fans! The hard work has finally been done! But now we will need your help to spread the word so that old fans of the series can find their way back to the community and a whole new audience of gamers can experience the Phantasy Star series through this exclusive project.

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Phantasy Star Generation: 1 French translation?

Yes! The translation team have announced they are working on a translation of Generation 1. You can follow the progress in this forum thread.

Phantasy Star Generation: 2 English translation?

Yes! It is currently being translated to English. Follow the forum thread for news.

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