Phantasy Star - The Animated Movie OLD FAQ

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Phantasy Star The Animated Movie, Grabbing You Soon

Who is making this movie?
Me and a couple of others, I can't tell you who is helping me YET, cause the movie isn't finished.
Who is working with the voices? Moviecast?
Well, I got about 6 peaple who is helping me with that now, and I need more! If you are intrested helping me with the voices, please wait until I have released the movie trailor first, then drop me a mail.
Is this anime some kind of a Manga movie (like for instance Sailor Moon)?
Yeah, that's right!
So what do you Missagh work with in this movie?
Hmm... I have written the moviescript, program the software I am going to use, working with the voices, drawing animation and more...
What will the anime be for, VCR, PC, MAC...?
I am working with the movie in a Mac, I have ordered a new macintosh (imac dv), and are still waiting for it. When the movie will be finished, I will send it to BroWren, he will make a PC Verson, and then, the movie will be released.
How long have you worked with it?
Pretty long, I think about 1-2 years.
When is the story going to take place?
Hehe, wait a sec, can't tell you anything about it until the trailor is released, Sorry 8^)
Who is making the music?
Olov Lenberg and me, I have worked with music since I was about 10 years (seems a long time ago :), Olov is a very talented musician and we live in the same city so that makes it even more perfect, don't worry about the music!
Have you created any other Manga/Anime movies?
ohh, yea, a lot, but most of them I did is unfinished or "krashed". A while ago, I worked with a anime and spend day and night with it, I worked with the it about 12 weeks. When I was finally finished, My mac crashed, gosh, I DID GET ANGRY, believe me! So that anime crashed...
When is the trailor going to be released?
Ah, I'm so sorry that it has taken so much time to release the trailor.I will create some kind of a trailor and release it as soon as possible.
Will Sega be intrested in this movie?
We can always hold our fingers and dream ^^
Will this movie be for free a.k.a. copyright?
YES, the movie will be for free, of course, I'm making this movie for Phantasy Star Fans to enjoy it! All copyright stuff will be added at the end of the movie.
Will the Anime be released at Phantasy Star Cave?
Yes, of course, and maybe I will create a specific homepage about the Anime.

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