Dark Energy by carlsojos

Author's Note

I had planned a much grander Author's note to be put here, but given that it's almost as long as Chapter 1, I'll instead simply put my basic thoughts and assumptions here, until I can improve my intro once I get feedback from the people who already have the completed story in their hands right now.

Starting from the top, I made this story as a What if Sega let me do the story for a Phantasy Star V? I hit writer's block at a turning point, and since I don't have the technical knowledge to build a game, I decided to convert the script into a novel. There is actually a deeper reason, but it's closely related with how my twisted mind works, so I won't mention it until I complete the real author's note.

I assume that the Ashley family tree doesn't have a healthy amount of branches, and that Seed would consider his project as a partial failure if he could analyze what happened after PS IV.

I also assume that Piata Academy globalized, renaming itself as Motavia University to reflect this, but kept the Piata campus as its flagship.

I consider the sketches in the Phantasy Star Compendium, bottom of page 55, as valid for my purposes, despite the claims that they are just sketches.

I think that Hahn became a tenured professor, and while PS IV suggested that he is most experienced in materials sciences, I decided his experiences made him branch into almost every aspect of human knowledge. To help further civilization, he created a directive, agreed upon by every town in Motavia, that acts as a basic framework to standardize laws, and to legitimatize bounty hunting beyond jurisdictional limitations.

For some reason, I think there's more that I forgot about, but I can't think of any more off the top of my head. I still feel skittish about releasing this story into the wild, but I just can't justify destroying it without giving it a shot.

Special thanks to Tanith, Tara C, and Jack N for volunteering to proofread the full version prior to its release- I just got impatient waiting for feedback, so I decided to release whole thing now, and correct what errors you guys find later. Given that you're reading this now, I have to thank BenoitRen for dealing with the extremely shoddy coding I put into this thing (You should've seen me when I first spotted the errors in my template file's head- 30 chapters down the road). Also, Black Sword quickly managed to replace the names for my characters, no questions asked. (I was a little shocked when he gave me the name for the main protagonist, but I'm sure he never saw the manuscript prior to this release...) There is one more person I would like to thank, but I choose to keep the name under wraps for now, since for some reason, I can't help but feel the person may no longer be active here...


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